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Image by Timothy Eberly

About Us

I believe that we do not truly embrace our faith if we are not willing to share it with others.  This includes not only our experiences and testimony, but also the way we walk in our faith with Jesus.  We must be good stewards of the resources, knowledge, and experiences God has blessed us with so that others may join God's Kingdom and know how to walk in their faith. 

I was never taught growing up how to truly have a quiet time with God nor how I should live out my faith.  It wasn't until recently when I joined a global Christian Men's Identity Restoration Group that I learned a lot of the things I wish I was taught a long time ago as these lessons have grown me in my faith more than I could ever imagine; especially now knowing how to properly have my quiet time with God.

All of these elements brought me to start the Walking with Jesus blog.  I hope you enjoy.

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