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Quiet Time in 1 Corinthians 16




SIN (verses 10-11): Unfortunately, I have fallen into the trap that these two verses speak of in my life. I have looked down on others at times even though they were doing the Lord’s work. I am not proud of this and most of the time it’s out of jealousy, envy, or selfishness. Please forgive me for my sin in this matter, Father. I do struggle with releasing my jealousy and envy at times, but I know with Your strength and wisdom along with my brothers in Christ in the Real Men 300 I can truly progress forward without these horrible thoughts in my mind.


PROMISE (verse 22): The promise You make in this one is quite a massive promise, but I do get why the need for it. You promise us that anyone who does not love the Lord will have a curse put on them. We do not always know what these curses are and sometimes they could be seen as worldly success; nonetheless, it is still a curse from You. I am grateful that I do love Jesus, so I have avoided this promise of a curse in my life even though I have faltered and strayed many times since coming to faith. The negative things I’ve experienced in my life are not as a result of a curse on me, but probably those around me or maybe even due to my own selfish and sinful ways in this life.


ATTITUDE (verses 13-14): In these two verses You have spoken rather loudly to me in terms of my attitude needing to be adjusted. I have struggled at times to stand firm in my faith, to act like a man, and to “be strong” as You have told us to be. Additionally, I have failed on MANY accounts to truly perform every action with love like You have commanded here. Please help to release me of my negative attitudes that have prevented consistency in these since coming to faith, Father. Help me to truly embrace an attitude of faithful love and spiritual strength so that I may bless others with the same for Your glory in this life, Father.


COMMAND (verse 14): In this verse You command us to do ALL of our actions with love. I fail at this so often, but I know I have gotten better as of late all thanks to You, Father. Help me to continue to be better and progress in softening my heart and mind from my past mistakes, hurts, and bad habits so that I can slowly but surely begin to overflow with Your love in all that I am and do in this life, Father. Thank You for the progress You’ve already helped me to make, but I ask that You continue to push me and drive me into a better mindset and life for Your glory so that I can truly embrace and exemplify Your love in all that I am and do in this life.


EXAMPLE (verses 17-18): This is a powerful example to me of how You expect us to recognize great people in our life and show true spiritual gratitude towards them. Paul said that the people who were present, even though others were absent, he was grateful for because they refreshed his spirit. He said that we should recognize such people and show gratitude towards them for the spiritual renewal they’ve given us. I am so grateful for the Real Men 300 as a whole in my life because of the truly Godly mission they have and all of the spiritual renewal and training they’ve given me all for Your glory and through Your truth. Thank You for placing this amazing ministry in my life, Father. Without them I would truly continue to be lost and likely divorced at this point, but all praise to You for my new, born-again identity and restoration.


*DAILY NOTE: 1 Corinthians is such a powerful and amazing book in Your word, Father. Every chapter gave me such amazing lessons to learn from, truths to lean on, as well as convictions to identify issues I’ve had that I need to address. Thank You so much for these amazing lessons the last several weeks, Father. Thank You for pointing me to Corinthians in the first place, but also for helping me stay consistent in my quiet times throughout this stressful transition in my life. I look forward to continuing in 2 Corinthians tomorrow with my quiet time and I’m sure that will be just as powerful for me personally as 1 Corinthians has been. All praise for the changes I’ve made in my life go to You, Father, because without Your guidance, wisdom, counsel, illumination, and conviction, I would never have been able to change my ways and my direction in this life. Thank You!



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