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Quiet Time in 1 Corinthians 7




SIN (verse 5): I am a testimony to this sinful way, Father. You tell us not to deprive our spouse sexually because we lack self-control and Satan may tempt us in those moments. I am guilty of this when I am “in my feels” and upset towards my wife. Although I may not say no when she wants sex, I have emotionally disconnected from her at times in my anger or depression, which has led to me not fulfilling my responsibilities as her husband fully on a day-to-day basis. These daily responsibilities build intimacy between us, which allows for a deeper sexual connection when those times come. Please forgive me for my selfish ways, Father. Help me to be better at pleasing my wife emotional on a daily basis instead of withholding these things from her intentionally.


PROMISE (verse 5b): In the latter portion of this verse, You make us a promise about our sexuality while married. You promise us that if we deprive our spouse sexually, that Satan sees that and will likely tempt us. You promise us that we lack self-control, which I know is very true from my own experiences. Thank You so much for revealing this promise to me, Father. Although it’s not a promise of a blessing, it is a promise that I must be aware of to ensure I do not give into temptation from Satan as a result of my lack of self-control. If I remain intimate with my wife thoroughly and daily, then the grasp that Satan has on me will be minimal to non-existent in this topic.


ATTITUDE (verses 7, 24): I really need to work on this attitude. In these two verses You first tell us that each person has their own gifts that are unique from other people and that we should celebrate, honor, glorify, and cherish all of the gifts You’ve bestowed on us regardless of the differences between us. Additionally, You tell us that all of us should remain with You no matter the situation we’re called into. Help me to live in the attitudes of acceptance and dependence on You in this life and through all situations, Father. Help me to remember that we may all be created in Your image, but that all of us are a different part of the whole. Remind me constantly that through all things I must lean on and depend on You to ensure I am glorifying You through those situations.


COMMAND (verse 5a): In the beginning of this verse, You command us to not deprive our spouse sexually except if we agree to for a period of time to devote ourselves to prayer. Although I almost never say no to my wife for sex specifically, I have internally said no to her emotionally towards daily intimacy which is part of the sexual relationship. Without intimacy, sex is just an act and not the relational part of a marriage that You ask us to keep—two become one flesh. Help me to be better at following this command daily, Father, so that I do not emotionally disconnect from my wife. Help me to always strive for intimacy over sex to build the bond between us that You expect us to have, Father.


EXAMPLE (verse 4): This example You give has been a struggle of mine for a long time in truly grasping what it means. You tell us that we do not have the right over our own body, but that our wives do. I’ve found this to give me a controlling manner in my mind telling myself that “she is mine” type of thoughts and that she doesn’t get a say in things or what-not. That is not the intent behind this example. This is saying that we are to become one flesh, in a sense, to where the domain of our bodies becomes a deeply intimate and intertwined relationship for pure, righteous love. I am to treat and respect her body as if it is my own, but at the same time I am to truly learn the details of her body to the point that I cherish every bit of it in a way that the intimacy and sex goes to a higher level than any of us can even fathom. Help me to understand and grasp this example deeper into my heart and soul than I ever have, Father, so that I may glorify You fully in my marriage, but also so that I can build a truly “one flesh” intimacy with my wife to bring us to a higher relational and sexual level in this marriage than we have ever been to.


*DAILY NOTE: I know, as a guy the world can’t imagine me actually trying to deprive my spouse of sex because guys always want sex. Well, I have been guilty of this as I’ve confessed. It isn’t that I didn’t want sex, because I almost always do unfortunately, lol. It’s that I wanted to deprive my wife of sex to “punish” her in a sense for a wrong she committed against me. In reality, however, I was not only punishing her through deprivation, but I was also punishing myself and damaging our relationship. I do know better now and I hope I never struggle with this fallacy from the enemy ever again. Thank You for giving me the strength and wisdom to work through these issues, Father. With You I am strong, but in my flesh alone I am weak.



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