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Quiet Time in 1 Kings 1


SIN ( 1 Kings 1:11-13, 29 ): David was truly a man of his word from what I can tell. He made a promise before You that the son he had with Bathsheba, Solomon, would be the next king of Israel once David passed. This convicts me today, Father, because I have not always been a man of my word. At times I have said one thing and done another; even with You, Father. Please forgive me of this atrocious sin in my eyes, Father. Help me to be better at making promises sparingly, but then when I do make promises to actually stick to my word on them, Father. I need to get a lot better at the first part, though, because I do make promises far more often than I should and that makes it very unrealistic to stick to. Help me to be better with this, please.

PROMISE ( 1 Kings 1:29-30 ): Although this is a promise from David, I also see it as a promise from You. David swore through You that Solomon would be David’s replacement as king of Israel. I see this as a promise from You as well, because there was obviously resistance initially from Adonijah as he thought he was the next king, even going so far as to essentially have a parade for himself celebrating such while king David still reigns. You made sure Solomon became king, though, and from the bits I remember about Solomon’s story I am very grateful for a promise fulfilled here, Father. Thank You.

ATTITUDE ( 1 Kings 1:52-53 ): Solomon was very good with his words here as he put the fate of Adonijah into his own hands, essentially. He didn’t immediately go out and try to slaughter or threaten the “false king” who tried to claim David’s thrown. Instead, he simply said if you are evil then you’ll die, but if you are a man of character then you will live. I need to work on becoming better with my choice of words towards others, Father. I often say the wrong thing in the moment, which then makes me look like a mean, angry, butthole at times. Help me to be better at thinking through my responses better, Father. Help me to be better at leaning on You for the words to speak instead of trying to do this on my own.

COMMAND ( 1 Kings 1:52 ): Here I feel a command coming through this verse from You, Father, although it was Solomon who spoke these words. He says “if he is a man of character, not a single hair of his will fall to the ground, but if evil is found in him, he dies.” I must be a “man of character” in my life with a focus on always glorifying Your kingdom in all that I do. I must lean on Jesus to build my character up properly and in the way You want me to be, Father. I must listen to the Holy Spirit more often to help me navigate the steps I am to take in this life. Help me to be better at following this command in this life, Father.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Kings 1:51-53 ): Solomon, now king Solomon I suppose, is great with his choice of words as can be seen here. I can truly see just in these few verses why David chose him to be king of Israel, with Your anointing and approval of course. I guess You could say that he had a great balance of “political correctness” and strength in words through the message he sent back to Adonijah. Help me to be better with my words as well, Father, so that I can live and embrace a similar balance in my own life.

*DAILY NOTE: Looks like You are just having me continue on to the next book in the Bible after completing 2 Samuel yesterday. 1 Kings so far seems to carry on perfectly the journey of king David, his predecessors, and his successors. I look forward to learning more about Solomon and the journey You put him on, Father. Thank You for bringing me into this next chapter.



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