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Quiet Time in 1 Kings 2


SIN ( 1 Kings 2:2 ): David tells his son, Solomon, to be “strong and courageous like a man.” Wow! Such a powerful statement to say to your son as part of your last words to him as the next king just before passing away. I felt convicted by this today because I have often done things in my life that were far from strong and courageous like a man. I’ve done things that showed how insecure I can be. I’ve even NOT done things due to my on fear and cowardice. Please forgive me for this, Father. Forgive me for not always walking in Your strength. Forgive me for not always reaching out to You for courage. Forgive me for not always embracing the man You want me to be. Help me to be better, Father.

PROMISE ( 1 Kings 2:22-25 ): In the last chapter, Solomon made a promise to Adonijah that if he was truly good then no harm would come to him, but if he proved to be bad then death would come. The promise has been fulfilled in these verses as Adonijah proved to have nothing but hatred towards his brother, Solomon, for having the kingship over him. Solomon ensured that Adonijah met a timely death once the evil was discovered.

ATTITUDE ( 1 Kings 2:36-38 ): Solomon really had a way with words and even Shimei agreed with him here, even though it was Shimei receiving the punishment. Solomon essentially punished Shimei with solitude but assured him that death would come if he ever left his property of solitude. On the day that Shimei left, Solomon heard about it and immediately gave him the sentence he deserved—death. The reason this is my attitude adjustment today is because I often struggle with my words, but also with issuing out discipline to others such as my children in an appropriate manner. David never put anything on his own shoulders in these verses, but instead put it 100% on the person being sentenced—Shimei. If he just stayed on his property, he would live a long and peaceful life. Since he left his property, however, he sealed his own fate. He placed the choice of the sentence in Shimei’s hands and washed his own hands clean from it all. Wow!

COMMAND ( 1 Kings 2:20-24 ): The command I see here today is concerning the deceptions of the enemy. I see Bathsheba, Solomon’s mom, getting coerced into making a very bold request of king Solomon; essentially requesting an act hat would show that Adonijah should have been and was the rightful heir to the throne, not Solomon. Although the start of the conversation led with Solomon ensuring his mom he would not turn her down, he ended up doing just that. The reason this is a command to me today is because the enemy is very deceptive and sometimes when we go into an agreement, we don’t necessarily have the entire truth, story, nor intentions. Once Solomon realized all of this, he quickly removed his “guarantee” of not turning down his mom’s request and instead had Adonijah killed as a result of the promise he previously made to him. Now THAT is the way to keep the Kingdom shining through us. Do not let the enemy, who is the king of deception, play tricks on us to get his way and distrat us from glorifying Your kingdom.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Kings 2:1-4 ): David also had a way with words. The encouragement he provides to Solomon while also providing reinforcement of Godly character is amazing. He encourages his son to keep his obligation to walk in Your ways through all things, Father. He reminds Solomon of the law of Moses and how they should be followed. He also reminds Solomon of the great promise You made to David for his legacy, heritage, and lineage. This is a great example of how to encourage someone, but also remind them of some of the things they need to ensure they are always doing. I really need to get better at the words I choose to use towards those I love.

*DAILY NOTE: So far, 1 Kings is an interesting book. I still feel like I was getting more out of the books of Samuel, but these are good as well. I’m just being honest here, Father. I’m not sure why exactly You have me going through the book of Kings, yet, but I am sure I will find out soon enough. Thank You for yet another amazing conversation today, Father. I truly love and cherish our time together.



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