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Quiet Time in 1 Samuel 1


SIN ( 1 Samuel 1:13-14 ): In these two verses, I see a man (Eli) making assumptions about someone (Hannah) based on the external perceptions of what he could see of her. He thought she was drunk and scolded her as such. How often have I made assumptions about people in my life, Father? Don’t answer that, because I already know the answer—FAR too often. Please forgive me for this, Father. It goes back to the old saying of “don’t judge a book by its cover” which I was taught many times growing up. Unfortunately, I guess I never truly took that to heart as I often make assumptions. Help me to be a better man for Your kingdom representation, Father.

PROMISE ( 1 Samuel 1:20 ): Although not necessarily a direct promise, this verse shows that You do listen to our requests and petitions and oftentimes follow through if they are within Your will, of course. Hannah requested you enable her to have a child with her husband, Eli made a generalized request for You to grant her wishes, and You came through by giving her a pregnancy pretty much immediately! You are an awesome God who cares for our broken hearts and deepest desires. Thank you, Father!

ATTITUDE ( 1 Samuel 1:17 ): Eli realized he had done wrong in his assumptions of Hannah by judging her inappropriately. As such, he quickly changed his tune and gave her a blessing. I pray to You, Father, that I am quick to realize my mistakes in assumptions and judgment to be able to do the same thing Eli did here. Help me to be able to let go of my immediate/initial thoughts so that I can bless those whom I encounter, Father.

COMMAND ( 1 Samuel 1:10-11 ): Although I do not see an obvious command in this scripture from You, I do see a command in Hannah’s prayers. The command I see is that we are to come to You with our deepest hurts and desires of our hearts. We are to give all that we are to You, even if it’s painful at times for us to admit some things to You. I know that You already know everything, but You cherish the moments where we are willing to come to You and admit all those things that deeply weigh us down.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Samuel 1:26-28 ): Hannah’s example of faithfulness is amazing. You granted her the petition to have a child, which she vowed to devote to You for all the days of his life. Once her child was old enough to make the trek to the temple, she also made a sacrifice to You and devoted her son to You in that moment. As a good and faithful parent should, she devoted the life of her child to You before the child even knew what any of that meant! That is a powerful example of faithful parenting.

*DAILY NOTE: I am so glad I decided to sit down and do my quiet time tonight. I wasn’t sure where You were leading me as I finished Judges in my last quiet time. I didn’t do my quiet time in the morning like I normally do and I kept coming up with excuses and distractions to not do my quiet time since then. Thankfully, I made it to 1 Samuel and You did not hold back! Thank You for the blessing of this scripture, Father. I look forward to seeing what the remainder of the books of Samuel have in store for my spiritual journey through these quiet times with You, Father!



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