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Quiet Time in 1 Samuel 10


SIN ( 1 Samuel 10:18-19 ): I often speak my words, even if they are Your truth, with a filter. I often hold back some of the harshness in my words even if I know they are the things You want me to say. Samuel gives a great example of how to not have fear in our words being spoken when they are from You. Please forgive me for my frequent filter, Father. Help me to be better at speaking Your truth to others, even if it means that some of those words will be rather harsh just as Samuel spoke to Your people here.

PROMISE ( 1 Samuel 10:24 ): You promised through Samuel to Your people that You would appoint a king over them as they had requested even though You are their King. They are regressing in their faith and for some reason “require” a physical king to be in their presence and rule over them. This promise was fulfilled in these verses with Saul being appointed king amongst all of them. Yet another promise fulfilled!

ATTITUDE ( 1 Samuel 10:16 ): Even in this moment after being told some amazing news about being appointed king of all of Israel, Saul still walks with some humility. I likely would have been telling everyone that I was to become king of Israel soon, but he did not. He quietly made his way home, following all of Your commands relayed to him through Samuel. When asked by his Uncle what Samuel had said to him, he only mentioned to portion about the donkeys and nothing else. Help me to be better at living a humble life, Father. Help me to truly embrace an attitude of humility in my heart.

COMMAND ( 1 Samuel 10:24-27 ): You commanded Your people, through Samuel, to accept Saul as their newly appointed king as they had requested. Most had accepted Your command and Your appointment of Saul as king over them, but there were still some, as always, who despised Saul and had doubts. Just like these people thousands of years ago, even today there are skeptics among Your believers who have doubts in Your commands and perverse them at times for their own will. Help me to not be one of those people, Father. Help me to be one who properly discerns Your commands and implements them the best I can into my life.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Samuel 10:16, 22 ): Saul’s humility in these moments amazes me. He just finds out that he’s been appointed king over all of Israel, yet he isn’t shouting this to anyone, he’s not telling everyone he comes across, he’s not jumping for joy. Instead, he’s slowly taking the steps You instructed him to take through Samuel, without revealing to anyone that he is the king of Israel, now. Even during the official process of the tribe selection and such, he is hiding amongst the supplies, likely out of shyness if I had to guess. A man of great stature who was just told he’s the king of Israel and he’s hiding amongst his own people to avoid being in the spotlight. Embracing humility and trying not to have all attention on him. Is this the way I should be living my life, Father? I do most of the time, but I do struggle every so often.

*DAILY NOTE: In today’s quiet time, I see Saul becoming king of all of Israel. He was even accepted by most, it appears, as the true king of Israel without any debate. Throughout all of these processes, however, Saul displayed great humility in the process that I am a bit jealous of because I know I would likely not have reacted in the same way were I in his situation. Thank You for revealing this great story to me, Father, as well as the key points that the Spirit laid on my heart today. Help me to continue to embrace humility in my heart the way You want me to embrace it, Father, but also the spirit of discernment so that I know when to be humble and when it’s Your wish for me to do something else. Thank You for a great quiet time today, Father. I look forward to what tomorrow will bring.



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