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Quiet Time in 1 Samuel 16


SIN ( 1 Samuel 16:7 ): My heart has been troubled the last couple of days between my wife and I. I have felt attacked and not knowing how to handle the pressure, stress, and such. You say that you see our heart, Father. I know this and I’d like to repent for the negativity that polluted my heart over the weekend. I’d also like to repent for not coming to You sooner concerning the pains of my heart, Father. Please forgive me for my weaknesses in these moments. Help me to become a better man when I start feeling like this so that I do not dig back into my old ways, Father.

PROMISE ( 1 Samuel 16:2-3 ): Samuel was worried that Saul would kill him if he were to head into the city to anoint Saul’s replacement in an obvious manner. Your plans are always better than our own, however, and You always know how to calm our hearts and minds. You promised Samuel that if he just followed a few simple steps that all would be well along the way. Samuel followed Your steps exactly and he did all of Your commands without any negative response from Saul. Promise fulfilled!

ATTITUDE ( 1 Samuel 16:2-4 ): When You told Samuel that he had to go into town to anoint Saul’s replacement, essentially, he was heavily concerned that Saul would end up killing him if he did so. You offered him the plan that would keep him safe. He immediately put all of his worries to the side and remained in obedience to You by following through with Your plan for him. Help me to embrace this attitude of obedience to Your plans for me better in my life, Father. Even when I have fears or doubts, provide me wisdom to give me the strength to squash those fears or doubts.

COMMAND ( 1 Samuel 16:2-3 ): Your command to Samuel was quite simple—follow this simple plan I’ve laid out to You and I will provide more steps along the way as needed. You didn’t give Samuel the entire plan. You just gave him the first few steps and a few extra details about the overall plan, but You didn’t give him every detail. This was more than enough for Samuel to be obedient in taking the steps necessary to follow Your commands. I need to work on this myself. Oftentimes, I don’t go forward with things unless I know every step I need to take along the way. The uneasiness I feel when I don’t know all the details is crippling. I need to lean on You and trust in You more, because Your plans are always greater than my own.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Samuel 16:10-13, 19-23 ): The story of David is an amazing one. He’s the youngest of all his siblings, yet he is the one You chose to become the next great king of Israel. He was chosen and anointed as such directly under Saul’s sights, yet no harm came to David. Saul even ended up choosing David as his personal armor-bearer and lyre player shortly after the anointing occurred, not knowing that this was the man You chose to replace Saul. Such an amazing example of how Your plans are vast and great. Also a great reminder that I do not need to know every step, because You already do and You will ensure that Your plans work out for the best of Your people in our obedience.

*DAILY NOTE: Now You are getting me into the story of David. Slowly but surely, Saul is phasing out and David will reign supreme over Your people! I find David’s story to be an interesting one so far, because I too am the youngest child between my mom and dad—although my dad had 2 more children after leaving my family. I look forward to reading more about how David’s story comes to fruition and what Your master plan ends up looking like along the way. I look forward to all the lessons, wisdom, and convictions You have in store for me in this great journey as well. Thank You for today’s amazing quiet time, Father!



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