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Quiet Time in 1 Samuel 22


SIN ( 1 Samuel 22:14-15 ): Even in the face of adversity, Ahimelech had no issues speaking Your truth directly to Saul concerning David. He must have known he was facing death, but that doesn’t matter to someone who is truly devoted to You, Father. Ahimelech spoke truth back to Saul and paid for that with his life. How many times have I essentially cowered in the moment when faced with adversity, Father? I have not been as brave in far less severe moments as Ahimelech was in this most extreme moment. Please forgive me, Father. Forgive me for not always remembering that I should have no fear of this world, because Your kingdom is already victorious!

PROMISE ( 1 Samuel 22:23 ): This is a promise from David to the sole survivor in Ahimelech’s family from the massacre that Saul took on them. The promise is that if Abiathar stays with David, then he will be safe. David is currently fully sanctioned by You and justified by You, therefore I would think that this promise is from You as well. If he stays close to David, You will keep him safe!

ATTITUDE ( 1 Samuel 22:2 ): David’s response here really sunk in deep. When Abiathar told him all that had happened, he took the responsibility on himself. He stated he knew Doeg was there and witnessing to all that was going on. He stated he assumed that Doeg would report back to Saul, but didn’t bother doing anything about it in that moment. I hope and pray that I can also hold responsibility for both my actions and inactions like David did here. Yes, he’s not in control of Doeg as we are only in control of ourselves, but he could have approached Doeg in that moment to discuss things or something and he chose to do nothing instead. Help me to embrace my personal responsibilities in the moment instead of avoiding such, Father.

COMMAND ( 1 Samuel 22:14-15 ): I can hear it in Ahimelech’s words that he received a command from You either just before or in this moment. The command was to embrace Your truth and live in it, no matter the circumstances and no matter the repercussions. He was faithful to You here by speaking truth back to Saul about David and the situation regardless of the anticipated outcome of likely death.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Samuel 22:5 ): David has been fleeing and moving for quite some time, now, to stay out of Saul’s grasp of death. Even in this moment, after he has now gathered over 400 men rallying to him as their leader, he still feels the need to move when You say to move. A prophet was sent to David with a message to no longer stay in this stronghold he had been staying in, so he immediately relocated to where he was told to as-if the statement came directly from You! He is truly being faithful here, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: To me this seems like the build-up testimony before something big happens for David. Saul is getting closer and closer to David pretty much every day. At the same time, You are putting things in motion for David to help him eventually become the king of Israel. Saul doesn’t know what’s coming for him! Thank You, Father, for such a great testimony about David. I am looking forward to what the next chapter brings.



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