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Quiet Time in 1 Samuel 29


SIN ( 1 Samuel 29:8 ): I have often felt like this, Father. Oftentimes things happen in our lives not because of things we’ve done, but because of others or maybe even because of You. Unfortunately, my own mind tends to think I did something wrong and am being punished as a result, so I ask the same question David did here: “but what have I done?” Please forgive me for this, Father, because You do not want me to be a doubter, questioner, nor self-incriminator when many times it’s nothing I have done that has caused such a thing to occur. I am support to doubt, but only doubts towards the world, nothing towards You. I am supposed to question, but only things towards the world and things I am confused about in regards to Your truth and word. I am supposed to self-incriminate, but only when I am convicted to repent. Help me to better align my mind with Your ways, Father.

PROMISE ( 1 Samuel 29:3, 9 ): Your promise was for David to become king, but You also said that he is a man after Your own heart. Here, the king even sees this promise. The king says that David is as reliable as the Angel of God. The king also says that throughout all David’s time with him, he has found no fault with him. David is surely on the right path, but I hope that this small deviation to what he thinks is the plan doesn’t cause any issues.

ATTITUDE ( 1 Samuel 29:8 ): David’s attitude here is an interesting one. He questions the king with his decision to send David back to the land of the Philistines. Questioning a friend or associate is one thing, but questioning the king of the land You reside in during these times when he could easily kill you on the spot without any trial or issue is another thing. David is pure in heart up to this point, however, and focused on You, so his attitude is one of sincerity in his status amongst the king. He knows that he has done no wrong in the king’s eyes, but he wants the king to acknowledge the justification behind dismissing David from this battle. I also need to work on my attitude of sincerity. I need to make sure that when I am speaking and/or questioning the words and actions of others, that I do so in a sincere way that does not damage our relationship too much, if at all, when possible.

COMMAND ( 1 Samuel 29:11 ): I do not know if this is a command from You or not, but the king gave David a command—return back to the Philistine land with Your men as to not partake in this current battle. This could be part of Your journey to keep David on his path to becoming the king of Israel. Maybe it’s best for him to not be involved in a battle directly AGAINST the kingdom he’s supposed to take over in the near future. Regardless of the justification behind this command and the source, he has left the battlegrounds and followed this command in obedience.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Samuel 29:4 ): All that David has done for the king and the Philistine army, yet the other commanders are still uneasy about him fighting alongside them. Instead, they would rather fight this battle without him or his men alongside them due to their own fears and doubts of his motives behind being there. I too have had doubts about the motives of others, Father. That is not what You want me to look at. I need to trust what is on the surface, because that’s all that is available to me. Only You can see into someone’s heart and mind, not me. Help me to be better with this so that I do not mimic what the Philistine commanders chose to do here, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: David’s journey to kingship is continuing on. It appears that after all he has done for the Philistines, they still do not trust him. That does not stop him from being faithful to You throughout all that he does, Father. In his obedience to You, he still holds true to his identity in You and it is shown to others but also seen quite clearly by the Philistine king. Thank You for revealing this to me today, Father. I need to be better at allowing my actions, words, and general demeanor speak for me so that others always see You throughout everything I am instead of seeing me. If You are what they see in me, then I am living a just and righteous life. Continue to do Your good works in me, Father, so that I may continue to become a better man in this life and more aligned with the man You expect me to be.



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