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Quiet Time in 1 Samuel 30


SIN ( 1 Samuel 30:23-24 ): In these two verses, I truly see why You said David is from Your own heart. He truly is able to live Your heart’s desire in this moment. Some of the men that fought the battle with him were wanting to keep the spoils of the battle from the men who had stayed behind. David was a God-focused thinker, however, as he stated that because God gave the battle to them and because these men stayed behind protecting the supplies, that all shares would be equally split with no favor towards any individual. The reason this is my sin confession today, Father, is because I often have a mentality opposite of this. I often think something along the lines of those who have done the hard work deserve the most, but You are convicting me today to feel the opposite. It doesn’t matter how much hard works someone puts into something as long as Your kingdom is glorified. I must repent for my hardened heart at times, Father. Help to soften my heart more than it already has become, so that I may continue to truly embrace Your giving, thoughtful, caring, and loving spirit within me, Father.

PROMISE ( 1 Samuel 30:8 ): David reached out to You with a question about whether or not him and his men should pursue these plunderers and whether or not they’d be victorious. Your promise back to this question was that he should definitely pursue them and that You will enable them to surely overtake these plunderers and rescue their own people. This promise was fulfilled in this same scripture! Thank You for always being faithful to Your promises, Father.

ATTITUDE ( 1 Samuel 30:8, 23-24 ): David’s heart towards You continues to amaze me in pretty much every scripture about him thus far in 1 Samuel. Here, he shows an attitude that I am still building towards yet struggling with at times. An attitude of God-focused wisdom and guidance. Help me to learn more about how to become better at this, Father. Help me to embrace the wisdom You share with me so that I can also embrace these attitudes fully into my heart, mind, and soul, Father.

COMMAND ( 1 Samuel 30:8 ): Your command back to David in this verse was one that David did not hesitate to follow—pursue them. His town had been plundered during their absence and You told David to pursue those who had plundered them. He did not hesitate and followed through with Your command immediately. I need to get better at following the commands I feel in my heart You are giving to me, Father. I know I have not been the most obedient follower; I am still learning and still trying to break my old habits and ways. Continue to work in my heart, Father, so that I may slowly but surely become a more obedient follower of You.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Samuel 30:23-25 ): David lived by Your example by ensuring Your wisdom and Your guidance was always at the forefront of all things he did up to this point. He made sure his men shared the spoils of this battle with all, instead of keeping it to themselves, because he knew that was what You would want. He didn’t even have to consult You on this, which just goes to show how in sync he has become at this point with Your heart and will for him. I know David has many falls coming up, but I also see how amazing of an obedient follower he has been to You thus far. Help me to become better, Father, so that my words, choices, and decisions are truly God-focused ones regardless of if I consult You in the moment or not.

*DAILY NOTE: David’s reign must be getting close. I see his journey unfolding even moreso. He wasn’t sent home by king Achish because the Philistine commanders were not comfortable fighting alongside him. He was sent home by You, in a sense, so that when he arrived home he could take on and defeat the Amalekites and give all glory and honor to You! He was sent home by You so that his journey to becoming the king of Israel could progress forward! Thank You for this amazing insight and revelation into David’s journey, Father.



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