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Quiet Time in 1 Samuel 8


SIN ( 1 Samuel 8:19-20 ): I have often lived my life in a way that wanted to be like others in this world. In this verse, I see the Israelites doing the same thing. Samuel is getting old, so he will likely pass away soon. As such, they’d like Samuel to appoint them a king to rule over them so they can be just like “all the other nations.” They aren’t realizing that they already have a King ruling over them, You. Instead, they are looking at the world and envying, coveting, and wishing they had what others had in that life. I am guilty of this as well, Father. At times all throughout my life, even since coming to faith, I have looked at what others have and yearned for that in my life as well. I have looked at the outer happiness of others and wished I had that in my life. Please forgive me for forgetting at times that You are my King and the only possessions I should be happy with are the ones You have already blessed me with. If I am truly living with You as my King, then happiness is already there because my relationship with You is strong and nothing in this world should ever have that type of hold on me.

PROMISE ( 1 Samuel 8:7, 9, 22 ): I see You granting Your people a promise. It isn’t one that You would normally give, but sometimes You grant us our desires knowing that it is not within Your will for us. Whether this is for a lesson for them to learn or a punishment to be inflicted on them or both, I do not know. What I do know is that You grant Your people the promise of a king to rule over them even though You are their King. They have forgotten this, so the promise You are granting them is from their own requests, not truly from You.

ATTITUDE ( 1 Samuel 8:6, 21 ): Samuel was the “go-to” person during these times as he was appointed judge by You over Your people. Your people came to him with what he considered to be a sinful demand as shown in verse 6. That didn’t stop him from being faithful to You, however. He continuously went to You for Your advice on the matter, regardless of his thoughts on the topic. Yes, he knew this was a sinful request from them, but he was faithful to You and requested Your advice. He then stayed faithful in relaying Your response to them. Help me, Father, to truly embrace an attitude like Samuel, here, where I remain faithful to You and go to You even in the moments where I feel I know the answer because You may have different plans in mind just as You did here. Your plans are always greater than what I think I know in the moment, so I must remember to go to You through all things.

COMMAND ( 1 Samuel 8:9 ): Samuel went to You in prayer and petition concerning the sinful request of Your people. Your response was for him to listen to them, but also warn and tell them about the rights of this worldly king who will rule over them. Samuel was faithful to this command as he laid out all of the things this king would have rights over them for. His faithful act was simply to convey Your message to them and he did so without fear or remorse. He was faithful to Your command in this moment just as he had been many times prior. Help me to know Your commands, Father, but also to not have any fear in the moment with following Your commands regardless of my fleshly thoughts on the matter.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Samuel 8:8 ): God, You are all knowing, all seeing, and the perfect planner with so much grace to offer. You tell Samuel in this verse that Your people are doing the same to him that they have been doing to You since You released them from Egypt’s grasp. They are abandoning You and placing other “gods” and idols above You. This is evident in the fact that they are requesting a king be appointed over them instead of Your judge Samuel or even You. They are looking to a fleshly leader to direct their ways instead of You. Many times over, You have shown them endless grace and compassion, but at the same time You’ve also given them their requests at times to show them that their ways are flawed and will not end well for them. Thank You, Father, for always knowing what we need in the moment, even if it is exactly what we ask for which goes against Your will for us.

*DAILY NOTE: So many times in my life I have had the drive to do things according to my own will or because that’s the way of the world or someone I envy. I have often lost track that no fleshly being in this world should ever be raised above You. Please forgive me for this, Father. Forgive me for my immaturity and for often delving back into my fleshly, sinful ways in this life. Thank You for today’s reminder that I do still have a lot of work today in my spiritual journey. Thank You for today’s reminder that no matter how lost I am in this world, if I remember to go to You in prayer and petition that You will surely shine a light on the steps I should be taking. It’s up to me to actually take those steps, but You are always there to show me, advise me, guide me, and mentor me along the way. Thank You, Father for never leaving nor forsaking me and always showing me an abundance of grace, mercy, and compassion!



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