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Quiet Time in 1 Samuel 9


SIN ( 1 Samuel 9:21 ): I too often feel like what Saul said in this verse, Father. He did not feel he was worthy of any of the kind words spoken to him. I often shame myself in a sense, thinking I am not worthy of the words being said to me or the things being done for me. I often say to myself I am not worthy of many of the things You’ve blessed me with in my life. Please forgive me for this negative attitude towards myself, Father. I am a child of God and I must be better at embracing my identity in Christ.

PROMISE ( 1 Samuel 9:15-16 ): I’m sure Samuel was probably at least a little surprised by the promise You made to him and it coming to fruition so quickly. The day before, You promised him that You’d send him a man who Samuel would appoint to rule over all of Israel. He didn’t realize this man would be someone from the smallest of the Israelite tribes nor did he likely realize the promise You made to him would come to fruition so quickly and obviously. Yet another promise made by You and another promise fulfilled by You! Thank You, Father for so many examples of Your promises being fulfilled as well as showing me so many ways that You plan the steps accordingly to make sure Your promises are fulfilled without us ever knowing the steps it took to get there.

ATTITUDE ( 1 Samuel 9:21 ): Cleanse me of my own degrading attitude, Father. As I stated in my sin confession, I only place myself as not worthy of pretty much anything positive in this life, yet You have blessed me so much. I often fail to truly grasp my true identity in Christ and instead fall back to my broken, worldly identity. Continue to mold me into the man You expect and want me to be, Father.

COMMAND ( 1 Samuel 9:15-16 ): Samuel was told by You that a man from the land of Benjamin would be presented to him the next day and that this man is who Samuel should appoint as ruler over all of Israel. This was a command from You to Samuel, but I’m sure he likely had some doubts in his mind…maybe. It was a random guy he had never met before who was from the smallest tribe in Israel. Samuel remained faithful to Your command, however, and brought this stranger to a pre-determined large group dinner with him, already reserving a spot for him at the table without even knowing who he was. Your plans are always in motion, we just have to follow our side of the steps.

EXAMPLE ( 1 Samuel 9:3, 7-8, 15-16, 20 ): It’s amazing how Your plans are always in motion and if we are just faithful to our side of things, then all will play out as You want it to. Saul’s farm was missing a couple of donkeys, so his father sent him to find them. He did not send him alone, however. Instead, he sent him with one of their attendants. During their journey, they came to a town where they knew a man of God would be, but Saul realized that they had absolutely nothing left to offer. The attendant, however, remembered that he had a single piece of silver. If Saul had gone to look for the donkeys by himself, without this attendant, then he likely would have never gone to the man of God because he felt he needed to have some type of offering to give. Little did he know that Samuel was expecting Saul because the Lord said it’d be so. He didn’t know all the details, he just knew that he would be expecting to meet up with the new ruler of Israel, so he also decided to reserve a spot at this massive feast he was having with 30+ other people. All Your steps working together to make this come to fruition, from the donkeys going missing, to the attendant joining him, to Samuel saving a spot for him and recognizing that it was, in fact, him who God wanted.

*DAILY NOTE: Thank You for today’s quiet time, Father. I am both humbled and convicted at Saul’s humility or possibly shame for where he comes from. At the same time, I am grateful that You’ve provided me with such a great lesson, today, on how I really need to truly embrace my new identity in Christ. Help me, Father, to become the man You expect me to be, but also to recognize the achievements in my life in the way You want me to recognize them—without shame or remorse. Thank You, Father!



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