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Quiet Time in 2 Corinthians 3




SIN (verse 1-3): I see You’re coming at me directly right from the start of today’s scripture, Father. These first few verses were definitely needed today. I often live in a way that I expect to receive something back from others, even from You, for my “good deeds” in this life. I strive for the verbal praise and acknowledgement for those good deeds and when I do not get them I do tend to get frustrated and sometimes even demotivated to continue moving forward. I do recognize that this is my own selfish nature and desire and I ask for Your forgiveness of this. I am not perfect and I do struggle, but I know that I am getting better and moving forward. I have gotten better as of late in not “needing” that affirmation or “letters of recommendation” as You put it in this scripture. Thank You for the good works You’ve been doing in my heart and life, Father.


PROMISE (verse 17): This promise is such a powerful one and I, unfortunately, forget it quite often since coming to faith. You promise us that there is FREEDOM through our Lord and Savior! Thank You so much for this freedom and this reminder today of Your promise of freedom. I do often get stuck in my own self-inflicted prison, typically rebelling against the freedom You have given me. I needed this reminder that I am no longer bound by my past and that I have freedom in my future through You.


ATTITUDE (verse 5): I do struggle with the attitude of self-righteousness at times. What I mean by this is that there are times where I neglect to give praise and glory to You for the things that happen in my life. I often give praise and glory to myself for accomplishing such tasks and such and that is not what You expect of me. You say in this verse that our competence does not come from ourselves but is entirely from You. Help me to live in this attitude better, Father, so that I no longer live self-righteously. Help me to be better at looking at You when I am able to do things in this life, because without You I would be incapable and convicted to eternal damnation.


COMMAND (verse 6): You tell us to be ministers of the new covenant. This new covenant is through the Spirit, not through the letters of old. You tell us that the Spirit produces life and the letters of old produce death. Help me to be better at being a minister of the new covenant in this life, Father. I do still lack quite a bit of self-confidence when it comes to speaking what I know about Your truth, but I know that the more I lean on You and the more I understand Your word, the more confident I will become. Help me to keep moving forward in Your will for my life, Father, so that I can begin to be a better minister of Your new covenant.


EXAMPLE (verses 15-18): These last few verses give such an amazing example to live by, but I also feel it shows us what “religion” has become nowadays versus what You intended it to be. The church often wears a “veil” as You’ve mentioned here, which is not how You want us to live. You tell us that through our Lord and Savior, the veil of old is lifted and we are to live in freedom. You tell us that upon accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, that we are transformed into a new, glorious person in this life. I am guilty of wearing a veil at times around other followers and even around unbelievers. I do apologize for this. Help me to be better at following and living in this example You’ve provided, Father.


*DAILY NOTE: So few verses in this chapter, yet so much content. You really came at me today, Father, at a deeply engrained level of my brokenness. I have allowed my past worldly “training” to dictate how I walk in my faith for so long and this is not how You’ve asked us to live. You want us to live in freedom, but also to recognize that we are a new creation once we accept Jesus into our hearts. You want us to walk in a way that Your glory is shown through our actions, demeanor, and the way we live. You give us all that we are capable of, yet I often fail to recognize that what I do is because of You. Thank You for all of the lessons, reminders, convictions, and good counsel today, Father. I really needed these words today. I am always so amazed at Your timing and am grateful for all You are and all You have done for my personal relationship with You and my spiritual journey in this life.



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