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Quiet Time in 2 Corinthians 8




SIN (verses 6-7): I know Your grace is sufficient and I know Your grace is never-ending. I am so blessed and thankful for Your grace in my life. I do struggle at times with showing grace to others for some reason. Although I have received so much grace from You, my struggle is relaying that grace to those around me. I ask that You forgive me for my selfishness towards Your grace, but also for forgiveness in not being a proper ambassador of You towards others. Help me to be better, Father. Remind me in those times that I’m struggling to give grace that Your grace is sufficient for all and that I should be allowing it to overflow out of me to others.


PROMISE (verses 13-15): This has been a topic that has plagued humans probably forever—equality. You promise us that certain hardships, trials, and even what appears to be surplus for others is not in vain as it promotes equality. The reason for this is because if one has plenty and the other not enough, then God’s people are to share God’s resources through good stewardship so that all of God’s followers are living in equality. I do have a giving heart most of the time, so I do feel that I’m living in this promise most of the time, but I do also struggle with envy at times. I do find myself becoming envious of others here-and-there to the point that I covet what they have and that is not what You want from me. You say in verse 15 that “the person who gathers much did not have too much and the person who gathered little did not have too little.” We have what we need because You supply us with our needs. Our wants through the flesh are irrelevant because You have already promised us equality for our needs. Thank You for this clarity, Father. Help me to be less envious so that I may no longer covet what others have.


ATTITUDE (verse 7): You ask us to not only excel in our faith, speech, knowledge, diligence, and love, but to also excel in grace. As I mentioned above, this has definitely been a struggle of mine, so I ask You to help me to change my attitude towards sharing Your grace. Help this to become a default of my own attitudes, so that grace overwrites my fleshly defaults of anger, selfishness, and irritability. Your grace is sufficient and I need to be better at allowing it to overflow out of me towards others. Help me with this, please, Father.


COMMAND (verses 21): I feel this verse gives us a very practical yet serious command from You. It may not be a direct command as You have given us in other verses, but I do still feel it is said as a command. You tell us to make provisions for what is right both before the Lord and before men. Why I feel this is a command is the latter portion of the verse: both before the Lord and before men. We are not only to do what is right before You, but we are also to be showcasing Your righteous before mankind as a testimony and praise to You. I have not lived up to this command for many years, unfortunately, but I do understand the importance of it. It relates to the old statement that “actions are better than words.” When we constantly live in integrity in our faith both to You and to mankind, then Your kingdom is not only glorified, but also expanded due to our consistency in living to make provisions for what is right. Help me to be better and to understand more deeply this command, Father, so that I may live in a way that is right in Your eyes, but also shows to those around me how amazing You really are.


EXAMPLE (verses 23-24): As always, You give us a powerful example for us to live out our faith by. You show us how Titus lived according to Your will by serving others with Your grace, but at the same time You also showed us how different people have different responsibilities in Your ministry. You say that some of them are messengers of the churches for the glory of Christ. Although I still do not know what I true calling is from You, Father, I do truly understand and believe that each person who is a follower of Christ has a specific purpose or role and that not all followers should be doing the same things in this life. We have messengers, helpers, creators, builders, and so much more. The ultimate goal, however, is in the very last verse in that we are to show proof before the churches of our love. Help me to be better at showing love towards others, Father. Help me to no longer have so many negative thoughts and doubts come into my mind. Help me to be more like Jesus and less like me.


*DAILY NOTE: Just before opening the Bible today, as I do every day of quiet time, I did my prayer. This prayer was a little different today as I had something weighing on my heart concerning the topic of grace and was feeling convicted about it, so I asked You for help in truly embracing Your grace fully so that I may be better at overflowing Your grace to those around me. When I started reading today’s scripture, the very first few verses were all on the topic of grace. How amazing are You, Father, that even in a “book” that is thousands of years old and even in a prayer that came to my heart today and not thousands of years ago, Your timing and response are still perfect. Thank You for this perfectly timed quiet time in my life, Father. Thank You for Your grace and awesome teachings to me right when I need it. I am so grateful for Your timing as my timing always seems to produce bad fruits yet Your timing is always perfect.



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