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Quiet Time in 2 Peter 3




SIN (verse 11b): You say that it is clear what sort of people we should be in holy conduct and godliness. I don’t think I’ve ever had true clarity in the type of person I should be as a whole. Maybe I have and have just refused to accept it fully. I’m not really sure as I am confused at times with who I feel You truly want me to be. Forgive me for my confusion and immaturity in my faith, Father. Forgive me for not really digging into who exactly it is You want me to be in this life. Am I following Your guidance for “holy conduct and godliness” throughout Your scriptures? I would have to say no in most cases. Do I truly feel that I know who I am in my new, born-again identity in Christ? I’d also have to say no in most cases. I am lost at times in knowing who I truly am. Sometimes I regress thinking that is who I am, when in reality it’s just me digging back into the weakness of my flesh instead of leaning on Your strength to move passed that. Help me find the me that You want me to be, Father, because I am lost at times.


PROMISE (verse 8, 13): You promise us here that we should wait for the new heavens and new earth as You have promised us. The reason we need to be patient and wait, is because a day to us is not the same as a day to You. If You had told me that You would return in 30 days, is that my 30 days or Your 30 days? If a day is a thousand years to You and vice-versa, then Your timing still holds true to Your promises, they just aren’t in-line with my worldly timing of things. A day to me passes quickly, which I’m sure is the same to You even though Your days are much longer than mine. Thank You for this clarification on Your promise, Father. Regardless of if Your return happens during my lifetime or not is irrelevant, because Your timing is not the same as mine and I must continue to do Your good works regardless of when Your return is.


ATTITUDE (verses 14-15): You really had to harp on these two attitudes a bit today when I feel I am struggling with both a bit right now. I thank You for Your timing on this conversation, Father. Peace and patience were never my strong suit, unfortunately. When things do not seem to go my way, I find myself quickly losing my peace in You and any patience I had. Help me to recenter and refocus on You through all challenges in this life, Father, so that I may live proudly in the attitudes of peace and patience through all trials.


COMMAND (verse 14): In this verse is a rather clear and direct command. You tell us that while we are awaiting Your return, we are to make every effort to be found at peace with You, without spot or blemish. You aren’t asking us to be perfect as Jesus was. You are asking us to simply make the effort in striving to attain this in our lives while we’re awaiting Your return. Thank You for not expecting perfection from me, Father, as I would feel like a complete failure at every attempt. Help me to be better at following this command by at least making the effort to do so, Father, so that I can be found at peace with You in this life.


EXAMPLE (verses 17-18): This is such a great example as well as warning to Your followers; to me. You tell us to be on our guard, so that we are not led astray by the lawless people in this world. You tell us to be on our guard so that we do not fall from our own stability in our faith. You tell us to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I must be better at staying on guard in my faith while I navigate this life, to ensure I do not falter away again from the path You have me on. Help me to stay strong and vigilant in my faith as I live this life, Father, so that through You I am strong enough to take on any challenges I face in this life.


*DAILY NOTE: This final chapter of Peter’s letters really dug deep into our faith leading up to the end times. He makes sure to clarify that we do not know when You will return, but that we are to remain patient in our waiting. He makes clear that no matter when Your return is, that we are to continue our efforts to do Your good works in this life, so that we can be at peace with You. He also gives us a warning of the trials we may face from this world as Your return comes closer. We must remain on guard at all times, to ensure we are not easily strayed from Your will for our lives. Thank You for today’s conversation and many warnings and insights that You have provided me through Peter. The entire book of 2 Peter has brought great knowledge and convictions to my heart and I am glad that this is the path You have led me on through my quiet time conversations with You. Help me to continue to stay on Your path, Father. Help me to know what my next step is, even if it’s a small one. Continue to guide me forward towards You through all things. Continue to help me navigate the difficult, rebellious, and corrupt nature of this world in the way that You want me to, so that I am at peace with You. Thank You, Father, for all You have done, are doing, and will continue to do in my mind, my heart, my relationships, and my life as a whole.



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