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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 1


SIN ( 2 Samuel 1:26 ): The words David speaks about Jonathan here are convicting me, Father. I quite literally have never felt this way about any of my brothers in this life, both spiritual and blood. Is this my own fault for not becoming truly this close to anyone in my life, Father? Is this my own fault for allowing my heart to get so hardened for so long throughout my life? I know my heart is not even close to as hardened as it once was, but I feel I have a lot more growth in my life. Please forgive me for not allowing anyone to be this close to me, Father. Help me to be a better man, like Jesus with His disciples. They lived a close and emotional life together and I do not have that type of a bond with anyone except maybe my wife. Teach me Your ways and continue to work in my heart to soften it even further, Father.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 1:10 ): Although this Amalekite man fled for his own life, he also appears to have helped facilitate another step in Your promise of David’s kingship over Israel. He brought to David Saul’s crown and armband to David, I’m assuming so that David could become the next king over all of Israel. This is David’s destiny as promised by You and it looks like Your promise is starting to come to fruition as the journey towards this promise appears to be coming to an end. Thank You for Your faithfulness in Your promises to us, Father. Although the journey is not always an easy one and promises are not always fulfilled immediately when they’re made, You are always faithful to Your promises.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 1:14 ): Although David had a pain-riddled history with Saul and David knew that he was to replace Saul as king of Israel at some point, he still felt a bit of loyalty to Saul as the king of Israel. This is reflected here in this single statement he made to the Amalekite when he called Saul “the Lord’s anointed.” David still keeps his focus on You throughout all things, no matter what happens and that’s evident in this single statement. He could have rejoiced in the fact that he’s likely about to become the king of Israel. He could have rejoiced in the fact that the king of Israel who constantly tried to pursue and kill him is no longer living. Instead, he mourned in the fact that the “Lord’s anointed” is dead and he wept as a result because of his attitude towards Your kingdom, Father. I need to be more tuned to Your kingdom so that when things like this happen, I react in a way that still glorifies and honors You as David did here. I am still learning, Father.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 1:26 ): In this verse, I see a very clear command in the first few words—“I grieve for you.” The command I see is that it’s okay and expected for us to grieve the things that happen in our lives. Grieving is a built-in and natural response and emotion for us that You have blessed us with. It allows me to release many of the hurts that I’m feeling in my life when things happen. Throughout this grief, however, I must remember to keep my focus on You as You are the only one that can fill any voids in my heart that caused me to grieve. Continue to remind me of this, Father, so that I can be faithful to and focused on You no matter what happens in this life.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 1:12 ): David’s example here is a powerful one to me personally. He just found out that both Saul and Saul’s son Jonathan, who was David’s best friend, are both dead. He immediately mourns, weeps, and fasts for those who died in that battle. He doesn’t rejoice, he doesn’t get angry and immediately try to seek out revenge; no, instead he mourns, weeps, and fasts to You, Father, as Your anointed one has been slain in battle. I must be better at following this example in my own life when things happen, instead of putting it off, bottling it up, and eventually breaking down even worse as a result of it. I must be better at not delaying my emotional responses but also in keeping my focus on You through all things in this life.

*DAILY NOTE: I would say that based on how powerful this first chapter is to me personally, that 2 Samuel is exactly where You want me to be, Father. Thank You for continuing me in David’s story and using him to teach me more and more about myself, Father. I look forward to what the remainder of 2 Samuel has in store for me.



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