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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 11


SIN ( 2 Samuel 11:4 ): Father, I know I have confessed this to You before, but I am feeling urged by David’s story to do so again. I still feel bad for what I had done. Even though it’s in the past, my wife has forgiven me, I have asked for Your forgiveness, and I learned from my mistakes finally, I still feel the burden of guilt and shame on my shoulders for having committed adultery in my marriage, Father. Today I ask that You please help me to truly forgive myself, Father. I apologize for living this way, which kind of is me saying that Your grace and forgiveness towards me isn’t enough for me to forgive myself. That is not what I want, Father. Your grace and Your forgiveness are exceedingly sufficient and I am so grateful for it. Continue to help me, Father.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 11:1 ): At the very start of this scripture, I see a promise being fulfilled. You promised David that he’d be a great king of Israel, even though he’s not perfect. Your promise is continuing to pay dividends to David as he is attaining many great victories while he is king of Israel.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 11:15 ): David really wanted to be with Uriah’s wife and to make her his own. Unfortunately, he had to commit a very sinful act after having already committed the sin of adultery with her. David’s attitude here is that if he wanted something, he would do anything it took, even sin, in order to get that something. My prayer today is that I do not live my life like this, Father. Help me to tame my mind and heart so that I am pleased with the things I already have and do not yearn for more to the point that I am willing to sin to get them. Help me to not be like David in this instance, Father.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 11:27b ): I find the last sentence in this verse to be a powerful one. David slept with Uriah’s wife, got her pregnant, then devised a plan to get Uriah killed so that David could marry her. The last verse here says “the Lord considered what David had done to be evil.” You command us not to do what is evil in Your eyes, yet here David is doing just that. Your anointed one has done what is evil to You, Father. I know I too have done evil things in my life. My prayer today is that I can follow this command to not do what You say is evil far more often than I fail, Father. Help keep me on the right path in this life, Father.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 11:27b ): David’s actions here serve as a great example that only Jesus could be perfect in this life; nobody else. Adam sinned who was the first man You created, Father. Here we even see David sinning who is both a man after Your own heart, but also the God-anointed king of Israel. What I learned from this example today is that I don’t have to struggle to be perfect in this life. I will make mistakes because I am not Jesus; I am not You, Father. Help me to continue to remember this so that I do not bash myself when I do make mistakes, Father. Help me to remember that it’s okay to fail in this life as long as I fail towards the cross and not away from You. Help me to be quick to get back on my feet and walking on Your path for me, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: David, David, David! God’s anointed king of Israel has failed not just once, but many times in this one chapter of scripture. WOW! He really screwed up in not only adultery, but also murder to try and “cover” his tracks from what it appears. Today was a great lesson showing me that it’s okay to be flawed, Father. Even though David took it to a whole higher level than I ever would, I still find it comforting that even Your anointed king of Israel sinned but never lost Your grace and favor. Thank You for today’s amazing lesson, Father.



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