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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 12

SIN ( 2 Samuel 12:7 ): Father, today I am convicted by this scripture. Nathan was sent by You to David. They must have had a relationship at least somewhat beforehand for You to think that Nathan was a good choice to be the messenger for this particular message. The reason this is a sin confession for me, Father, is because when I did very similar to David, I had already expunged pretty much al male friends from my life. I didn’t allow anyone to be close enough to me to send me a message like this one. Although I am better now, I do feel like I still need to work on my relationships with others, Father. Please forgive me for not always allowing those into my heart which You have placed into my life, Father. Forgive me for often pushing guys away who could have become close friends to me to deliver messages like this when I screw up. Help me to be a better friend to others, Father, but to also allow others to become better friends to me.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 12:14, 19 ): The promise in this scripture is quite obvious today. You promised David that the first-born between him and Bathsheba would be taken from him. You inflicted the child and put David through the “death” process for a week before the child died. You were faithful to Your promise for David’s evil against You, but I also see You showing him a bit of grace in this as well because Solomon was born shortly thereafter between David and Bathsheba. Even when You are punishing us for our transgressions, Your love still shines through in some way, Father. Thank You for revealing this to me.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 12:13 ): Nathan, Your messenger, gave some very bad news to David here about his evil towards You. David’s response, however, is one that I need to be far better at. He didn’t respond in his pride nor anger. He didn’t immediately try to defend himself in that moment. Instead, he immediately confessed back to Nathan and to You of the sin he committed against You, Father. He repented immediately once confronted by Your messenger. Help me to embrace this same attitude in my life, Father. If I am approached by others for my own evil against You, help me to be a better responder to where I recognize and acknowledge my mistakes immediately instead of trying to defend them or excuse them like I used to, Father.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 12:24 ): Regardless of what happens in this life, I must remember to be there for my wife as a comforter. I failed for a few moments at this recently shortly after my wife’s procedure, Father. It may have been very short-lived that I dipped back into my old self, but my prayer today is that the ramifications of my actions and inactions are not permanent due to my history. Help me to be a better comforter towards my wife, Father, so that she may feel Your comfort through me.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 12:13 ): In this part of my journal, I’m taken back to David’s response to Nathan’s message. He gives me a great example that I need to be better at living. He responded to criticism and harsh words with acknowledgment and truth. He humbled himself before the words You spoke through Nathan and confessed what he had done as truth. He didn’t immediately go into defense mode and instead just chose to embrace the truth that was spoken before him. I need to be better at living in this example as well, Father. Continue to remind me when I start to try and defend or excuse my evil, Father, that Your ways are better than my own. Help me be a better man in this life.

*DAILY NOTE: I really do love David’s testimony, but I also see the man I need to become in his story. The reason I see myself, or maybe my future self, in David and not Jesus is because Jesus made zero mistakes in His life. David made several mistakes, but always fell forward towards the cross. David is more like me, but also a more attainable example for me to reach. If I ever get to the point that I can truly say I’m like David in this life, then my next milestone would likely be Jesus. I need to remember to maintain “baby steps” in this life, which is why I cling to David’s story so much as it is an attainable lifestyle for me. I will make mistakes, but it’s what I do with and after those mistakes that define my spirituality in this life, Father. Thank You for this!



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