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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 17


SIN ( Conviction ): Today, I am struck with conviction in my heart, Father. I am convicted about my inconsistency in my quiet times. I don’t always do them first thing in the morning as I had pledged to You, but there are also some days that I do not do them at all. Forgive me for my lack of obedience and consistency in my faith, Father. Help me to become a better man, a more Godly man in this life so that I may continue to become better at glorifying You in all that I do.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 17:16, 22 ): You promised David that You would never remove Your favor from him. This doesn’t mean that You won’t punish him for correction every now-and-then, though. I see this promise still being fulfilled even here. Although David is on the run according to his own will and understanding, I believe, You are still providing for him and protecting him along the way.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 17:15-16 ): I see an attitude of protection being laid out here. Although not protection of myself, but me leaning on You for protection, Father. Hushai is being used by You to offer protection to David and his men. If David leaned on his own power for protection, he would likely reach his demise to his son Absalom and his army. Instead, he leans on You for this which You are providing through Hushai at the moment. Help me to be better at no longer leaning on my own understanding and strength, Father. Help me to be better at leaning on Your wisdom, discernment, and guidance for my protection and the protection of my family.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 17:22 ): I’m not sure if this is the command You are speaking to me today or not, but it is the command I see in David’s journey here. David and his men were resting at the ford of the Jordan river. He was likely patiently waiting for Your guidance on their next steps, which he received through Hushai’s messengers to go ahead and cross the Jordan to gain further protection and distance between David and Absalom. David followed these next steps accordingly, likely because he felt they were from You. David patiently waited for the next steps from You without fear of what may happen in the moment. I need to be better at following this command, Father. I need to be better about patiently waiting for Your next steps for me instead of trying to do things on my own. Continue to teach me, Father.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 17:27-29 ): After David had fled according to the guidance/message from Hushai, his needs were still being taken care of. He had no concerns about whether or not he would eat or where to go next, because You were providing for him and his men. You provided Hushai a messenger to deliver to David the note to cross the river. You provided food for him and his men after a very long and likely difficult journey across the desert and a river. I do not need to stress over my provisions or even lean on my own understanding or power to provide the needs of myself in this world as You are the great provider who always ensures my needs are met. Thank You for this example, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: David is still clearly anointed by You, even though his kingdom is in turmoil right now. He is being protected and navigated to safety by You revealing the steps and not by his own power. Continue to work in me on my consistency and patience, Father. Help me to be more like David and less like myself, so that I may be better at patiently waiting for Your next steps instead of trying to rush through what I feel my next steps “should” be.



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