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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 18


SIN ( 2 Samuel 18:3-4 ): David was very good at listening to wise counsel. Unfortunately, I fail at this often, Father. Even when the wise counsel is straight from You, I seem to fail often at heeding wise counsel. Please forgive me for always thinking I know best for some reason, Father. Help me to be better at both listening to and following wise counsel in my life, Father.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 18:7 ): Once again, Your promise over keeping Your spirit present in David, the anointed one, is still being fulfilled. You are still providing him with life, victory, safety, and all of his needs, Father. Although his own son rallied against him and provided a great show of force, David’s army was victorious and David kept safe by You throughout all of this. Thank You for fulfilled promises, Father.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 18:3-4 ): Once again I’m brought back to these verses. Although David was fully ready and willing to lead his army into battle against his son’s army, his own leaders gave him wise counsel to stay behind. He was humble enough in this moment to follow this wise counsel as it was likely what You wanted him to do as well. I do need help with this attitude of humility towards wise counsel, Father. I often lean the route of my way or the highway, unfortunately, instead of embracing the wise counsel of You and others sent by You. Help me to be better, Father.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 18:5, 12, 14-15 ): Although not a command by You, David had issued a command to his army commanders to treat his son, Absalom, gently for David’s sake. David did not want to see his son killed, even in battle. He still had love for him fully and wanted him restored to David’s household as peacefully as possible. Joab, however, went against David’s wishes and decided to kill Absalom on the spot. I’m not sure if you’ll reveal to me in my next quiet time whether or not David discovers this, but I do see that I need to be better at following the wishes/commands of those appointed over me unless it goes against Your truth. I often have a rebellious mindset when I think my way is better than theirs, but if they are telling me to do something that is not a sin, then who am I to refute it unless I truly know a better method/action that my leader does not know about? Help me to become a better follower in this lifetime, Father.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 18:5, 32-33 ): Although David was at war against his own son, he still provides a great example to live by here. David still held Absalom close to his heart even though Absalom rebelled against him. David mourned Absalom’s death. This example reveals to me Your love for us as Your children. When we rebel against You or walk away from You, You also mourn for the loss and mistakes of Your own children. David truly is, as You say, a man from Your own heart! Thank You for this revelation, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: A powerful quiet time this morning learning more about David and seeing so many examples of how he is a man from Your own heart. Thank You for such great wisdom and revelation, Father. Also, thank You for the convictions this morning. I need to get better at following wise counsel of You, my spiritual brothers, and even the leaders appointed over me. I need to get better at both listening and following in this lifetime, Father. Continue Your great works in me so that I may become a better, more Godly man in this lifetime instead of falling flat on my face in shame as I have so many times in the past.



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