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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 20


SIN ( 2 Samuel 20:20 ): In this verse, Joab responds to a woman with the words “Never! I do not want to destroy!” How often in my life have I led a path of destruction over things, Father? How often have I been blinded by my rage, anger, and actions in the moment that I could not see the bigger picture of a path of destruction which I was paving? Far too often, Father, as You are well aware. I almost destroyed my marriage, my children’s lives, and even myself. I caused a lot of destruction over the years due to my own blindness, Father. Please forgive me for this and help me to become a more peaceful man who truly sees and can discern when the path I’m on is of destruction or righteousness.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 20:3, 22 ): Once again, You are showing proof of a promise being fulfilled here. You promised David that You would never remove Your favor from him as the anointed king of Israel. You show this promise being fulfilled here in two instances. The first is him returning to his palace the victor and back in his rightful place as king. The second is the great victory over yet another enemy which seemed to have a similar mindset as David’s son, Absalom. Joab destroyed traitors and enemies to David who came across his path on behalf of David, but You were the one who guaranteed, orchestrated, and decided all of these victories for David’s kingdom.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 20:20-21 ): There have been so many times that my intentions behind my actions did not correspond to my actions, just as with Joab here. The woman perceived his intentions as wanting to destroy the town which was considered the “mother of Israel” and the Lord’s inheritance. Joab quickly rebuked that and made clear what his actual intentions were. Once he did that, she understood what had to be done and immediately Joab was faithful to his word towards his intentions. I have two attitude adjustments here, Father. The first is that I would be better in this life at ensuring my intentions correspond to my actions so that there are no witnesses to a false narrative due to my own mistakes. The second is that I would be a man of my word, as Joab was here, to revealing and standing by my intentions once made clear, assuming they are just and of You, Father.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 20:20 ): I see Your command in today’s scripture following a theme from my journal so far. Your command to me is to stop being a destroyer of Your greatness and goodness in my own life, Father. I need to be a builder of firm foundations, so that Your kingdom can be glorified in all that I am and all that I do. Help me to be better at this, Father. When I do stray, please offer me a kind reminder that I have dipped back into my flesh or into the enemy’s will instead of keeping my focus on You.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 20:16-22 ): You do not give us her name, but this woman of Abel did something extremely brave and wise; it could only have been from You that she received these wise words and strength to do what she did. An army was literally about to completely devastate her town and she requested a conversation with the army’s leader to make a God-focused plea to them. She knew that Joab could have just killed her on the spot or that Joab could have just continued down his path of destruction. She did not worry about those things, though, because she knew that what she was saying was from You, Father. She sought out wise counsel after the discussion with Joab and proceeded to move the chess pieces required to ensure the town would be saved from the army’s destruction. This is an amazing woman of God!

*DAILY NOTE: David is back in his kingdom and here we are again with yet another enemy along the same lines as Absalom. David JUST defeated Absalom and returned to his palace, but he cannot even take some time to enjoy things and rest a bit because yet another enemy has been brought against him. David handles this well by getting to it immediately instead of sitting on it like he did with Absalom. It looks like David learned his lesson from his past mistake quite well as they were able to quickly squash this revolt and bring glory to You in doing so. Thank You for yet another amazing quiet time today, Father. There are only a few chapters left in 2 Samuel, which I look forward to, but I am sad that this journey through David’s life is about to end as I enjoy it so much. Thank You for this, Father. I really needed these lessons.



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