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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 21


SIN ( 2 Samuel 21:3 ): I must admit, Father, I have never sought out to make atonement for my sins against You nor against others. I have asked for forgiveness so many times, which I know You give freely to those who ask thanks to the blood of Jesus. This verse, however, convicts my heart. Please forgive me for not asking this sooner, Father. Is there something that You want from me to atone for the mistakes of my past, Father? Are You truly okay with freely giving me grace, mercy, and forgiveness for ALL of my sins of my past? Please reveal this to me, Father. If it’s atonement You seek from me, then please let me know what it is. If not, then please continue to remind me daily that my debts are paid in full so that I do not dip back into this mindset, Father.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 21:13-14, 17 ): I see Your promise to David being fulfilled in these verses yet again. Not only has he been used to restore peace to Your lands and You are now pleased enough to begin to answer prayer for the land, but he has also been recognized through You as the lamp of Israel. You are the true light in our lives, but with David being the anointed one by You, Israel considers him their light. Only a lamp, though, which we all know a lamp provides SOME light, but it isn’t THE light like You are. Even the sun pales in comparison to the light You provide, Father.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 21:3 ): Oftentimes, I feel that I have no obligation to “fix” things or “resolve” things on the behalf of others, especially when I wasn’t even involved. David has another attitude here, however. He is the king of all of Israel now, but his predecessor attempted to do great harm to the Gibeonites. Essentially, Saul wanted to completely eradicate them from the land. David felt the need to atone for Saul’s mistakes against the Gibeonites. Help me to be better at helping others through their pain as David does here, Father. Help me to remember that it does not matter if I was involved in creating the pain or not. If I am able and capable to help them to get passed their past hurts, then remind me in those moments to do so, Father.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 21:17 ): Although David’s men said “you must never again go out with us to battle” I incorrectly read this at first as “you must never again go without us to battle.” The reason I have this as my command to learn, embrace and follow today is the second quote. His men feared for his life, but because they were there they were all victorious. His men had his back just as much as David had theirs. This reminds me that I must not go into battle against the enemies in my life alone, both spiritually and physically. I have spiritual brothers now to help me fight these battles and I must remember that they are there to go into battle with me and that I am not alone.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 21:11-14 ): David followed his heart in these verses; or at least what he felt You were telling his heart is what I believe happened. He heard about one of the mother’s doing such a powerful thing for the now deceased descendants. He knew that more had to be done. I’m going to guess that You put this on his heart to do, because what happened after the task was done? You answered prayer for the land. This is what You wanted, David felt it, and David took the action You wanted him to take on it. Such a powerful example of having our hearts aligned with Your will to be able to easily discern the moments You want us to take action steps on. Thank You for this, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: Short scripture today, but such a powerful lesson in humility, brotherhood, and a heart aligned with Your will. Thank You for the lessons today, Father. Thank You for continually pouring into me Your great wisdom. My prayer today is that I continue to take in what You are teaching me so that I can truly continue to align my heart’s desires with Yours, Father. Thank You.



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