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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 23


SIN ( 2 Samuel 23:3 ): In these words, David says something he says is relayed from You which convicted my heart today, Father. He says, “who rules in the fear of God.” Although I don’t necessarily “rule” over anyone, I am and have been a leader in many different facets. Have I truly led people in the fear of God? I have done this maybe unintentionally most of the time, but I will admit most of the time has not been intentionally in the fear of You, Father. In reality, most of my leadership choices and decisions haven’t even involved You directly in any way. I’ve led people the way I saw fit most of the time and this is not how You’ve called me to lead, Father. Help me to lean on You all the time in my leadership opportunities, Father. Not just when I want to, but all the time. Help me to keep my decisions focused on You through my leadership, Father. Forgive me for not always making decisions with You in mind and instead making them out of my flesh or because of a “that’s the way we do things” type of mindset.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 23:5 ): Here, David says that You will bring about his whole salvation and his every desire. This is a promise You have made many times throughout scripture, but he left out a vital detail, I think. He left out that we will get our every desire IF our heart is aligned with You, Father. I think this is a crucial reminder in this life. If my heart is truly and fully filled with You in all ways, then my heart’s desires will always be granted because I desire what You desire in my life, Father. If I ask for selfish, worldly and fleshly things, then those things will likely not be granted.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 23:5 ): This verse by David shows me that he has great confidence in his relationship with You and the promises You’ve made to him. He is fully assured that You have binded into an everlasting covenant with him and that You will bring about his whole salvation and every desire. I must admit, I do not live and breath this exact same level of confidence in my relationship with You, Father. I often doubt aspects of myself and decisions I’ve made. I often doubt my interpretation of Your Truth, Father. I guess You can say I just often doubt myself in our relationship. I do not know how to get away from this doubter’s attitude, but I know You do. Please continue to help me become more confident and assured in my relationship with You, Father, so that I may always walk in confidence of all that I am in our relationship and all that You are.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 23:6-7 ): David says in these verses that all the wicked are like thorns, must never be touched by hand, and will be completely burned up on the spot. Is this a partial foretelling of when Jesus returns? I feel the latter part of this may be true with that, but that the majority of it is a command to ensure I am building up proper boundaries and protections when it comes to unbelievers and the “wicked” in Your eyes. I have to get better at protecting my faith when around non-believers, Father. Help me to be better. Teach me.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 23:8-23 ): Your presence and anointing is with David and all the men he commanded and gave orders to. These verses provide great examples of the triumphs David and his men were able to achieve solely because of You, Father. Such amazing victories at that! If someone were to hear these stories before the battle started, they would surely pick David’s side as the losing side. I guess we should call David’s army the “underdogs” from the world’s perspective, but the guaranteed victors from Yours. Thank You for showing me that You never left David and always provided him with great victories throughout his time as king of Israel, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: Another day and yet another amazing quiet time. I will admit, when I first glanced at this chapter, I saw the long list of names and automatically assumed I would have to read the next chapter as well in order to journal for my quiet time. You always have different plans for me than I expect, Father. Thank You for the great scripture, stories, timelines, and examples, Father. David’s story is such an amazing testimony to Your promises, strength, commitment, grace, mercy, and faithfulness.



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