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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 3


SIN ( 2 Samuel 3:7-8 ): I don’t know why now, but these verses convict me today, Father. Abner’s response of anger to the question of why he was sleeping with another’s concubine made me think of my response when my own adultery was founded out. It was also in anger and rebellion, trying to essentially take all guilt, shame, and blame off of me as much as possible instead of just peacefully and emotionally taking ownership of my mistake. Please forgive me for my response to my wife in that moment, Father. I know she has already forgiven me, but I do not remember ever going to You for forgiveness for my response to her in that moment. Help me to be better in the future when I make mistakes, so that my response is one in sync with Your ways of living, Father.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 3:9-10, 39 ): Your promise to David and Samuel so long ago has come to fruition! It appears that David, the “anointed king” has finally come to the end of the journey You’ve had him on to kingship. Whether or not he has officially sat on his throne as king of all of Israel is not truly apparent, yet, but it does appear that others sanction him as being king and have granted him kingship over them. Such an amazing journey he’s been on. I feel honored to have been able to read David’s testimony of his journey to becoming king of Israel.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 3:28-34 ): In these verses, David shows that you do not have to be close friends to embrace a loss of someone and to embrace the attitude of doing what’s right. Joab murdered Abner in revenge for his brother’s death. David did not approve of this nor did he want this, but he embraced what had happened in the moment and had the attitude of doing what’s right for Abner’s unjust death. He was heavily involved in the funeral procession, ensured that Joab and his men who were involved took appropriate measures to properly mourn Abner, and even fasted for Abner’s death as a personal sacrifice. Things happen in this life and I need to remember to have the attitude of doing what’s right in Your eyes in that moment for the situation regardless of my feelings towards the why or how it happened. An attitude of glorifying and honoring You in all of my decisions and words, Father.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 3:28-31 ): Today, I see the command essentially leaning towards the topic of integrity. The command I see today is to always do what’s right in your eyes, even if it may cause some tension or disagreements amongst brothers. David did what was right regarding the murder of Abner, even though it was likely to cause some tension between him and Joab. I need to be better at not allowing possible outcomes or reactions determine my steps and instead always lean on what Your will is for me in that moment.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 3:32-34 ): When David was in the funeral procession for Abner, he truly wept for Abner. Abner wasn’t necessarily a true ally, but he always wasn’t really an enemy to David. His life was, however, taken unjustly which David mourned over as the song he sang is proof of. David gives such a great example to live by here. Just because someone isn’t close to us doesn’t mean we cannot mourn over their loss. Just because someone was taken unjustly, doesn’t mean we need to seek revenge or refute those individuals immediately because there’s a time for grief and mourning and a separate time for refuting. Help me to remember and understand the lesson and the difference here, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: David is king! Just as You promised, Father, David has become king! Based on verse 36, I’d say the people are even ecstatic about him becoming their king as they say they are pleased in everything he does. I may never be a king, Father, but I hope the role model, mentor, teacher, and man I am becoming through Your molding of me is one that is pleasing to other followers of Christ, just as David was here. My prayer today is that I continue to progress in my spiritual journey in a way that every day my words, actions, and life as a whole reflects Your and not myself. Continue Your great works in me, Father!



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