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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 5


SIN ( 2 Samuel 5:19, 23 ): In these two verses, it is clear that David is a man of God who leans on You so much for wisdom and guidance. I felt convicted by these two verses today, Father, because I often make decisions in my life, important decisions, without going to You first. I may not be able to hear Your actual voice like it seems David can, but I do feel Your presence inside of me through the Holy Spirit. Forgive me for my disobedience and reliance on self, Father. Help me to be better at going to You first for my decisions so that what I do in this life is aligned with what You want me to do, Father.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 5:3 ): Another promise of Yours fulfilled! David is now officially king over all of Israel! His journey that You had him on to gain kingship over all of Israel is now complete and the promise has been fulfilled. Now, I suppose, David is on another journey while serving as king over Israel; Your anointed king!

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 5:25a ): I really need to be better at embracing an attitude of obedience and consistency in my relationship with You, Father. David has shown this many times throughout scripture, so I hear what You are saying to me. I’m just failing to truly grasp it all in my heart and mind for some reason. Help me, Father, to truly know what it means to embrace an attitude of obedience and consistency in my relationship with You, Father.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 5:19-25 ): In these verses, David makes two requests to You at different times and receives back two similar yet different commands from You. The first command was for David to go ahead and pursue the Philistines and the Lord will hand them over to David in whatever way David decides to move in the battle. The second command was for David to go into the second battle in a very particular way, which David abided in. The first was Your victory in David’s ways, but the second was Your victory in Your ways and David abiding in Your commands throughout both.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 5:19-25 ): David gives a great example of how we are to live our lives and make decisions. Essentially, his formula is ask You first, listen to Your response, take action based on Your response. He did this twice just in this chapter, but many more times in prior chapters. It seems to be a great example to live by in making decisions, especially massive ones such as the ones he was involved in (life-or-death situations). I need to be better at both asking first and listening as I’ve been failing quite a bit at this, Father. Help me to become better at asking questions, but also betting at listening to You.

*DAILY NOTE: David is truly king of all of Israel, now! Your anointed king! This was such a powerful chapter as he now sits on the throne over all of Israel. I find it amazing that he’s only 30 years old at this time when he took over as king of Israel. That means that all the other things he’s accomplished that I’ve been reading about over the last month or so were all done before he even turned 30! WOW! David truly does have such an amazing testimony up to this point, Father. Continue to teach me, so I may learn, Father. Thank you.



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