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Quiet Time in 2 Samuel 6


SIN ( 2 Samuel 6:16 ): How often have I lived my life just as Michal did here, Father? How often have I allowed my hardened heart to see negativity in a moment that should be filled with positivity? That’s exactly what Michal did here. She essentially only saw negativity in David’s dancing instead of seeing the joy and exuberance towards the Lord that he was expressing in the moment. Forgive me, Father, for the times I have also done this in my life. Forgive me for often being blinded by my hardened heart to the point that I would not embrace the positive nature of moments in my life and instead focused my eyes, thoughts, and emotions on the negative that likely didn’t even exist. Help me to become a better man based on Your standards, Father, and not my own, the world’s nor the enemy’s.

PROMISE ( 2 Samuel 6:21-22 ): David both recognizes and humbly honors the promise You made to him for kingship. Michal is jealous at his dancing in public like that, but David points right back at You throughout it all. David tells her that he will always celebrate before the Lord and will even humble himself and humiliate himself before You if that is what he feels necessary. He recognizes and honors the promise You made to him and at this point is not taking it for granted, Father.

ATTITUDE ( 2 Samuel 6:21-22 ): I really love David’s positive response to Michal’s negative comments about his exuberant dancing. He says that he will humble himself and humiliate himself even more before the Lord. He says he will celebrate before the Lord. His attitude, regardless of the perspective and opinions of others, is completely focused on You, Father. I need to be better at this in my own life as I do not always respond in this way as David has here. Help me, Father, by reminding me when I am losing focus of You. Help me, Father, by reminding me in those moments that I falter that You are there and I should be focusing on You throughout those moments.

COMMAND ( 2 Samuel 6:14 ): David was dancing and celebrating “with all his might before the Lord” when returning to the city of David with the ark of God. I see this verse as a command to me because I often fail to celebrate the great things in my life which You have blessed me with in a way that is “with all my might before the Lord.” I need to be better at fully appreciating and celebrating You, Father. I need to be better at putting You at the forefront of my thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. Thank You for this reminder today, Father.

EXAMPLE ( 2 Samuel 6:7-10 ): Although it is a little bit odd, I can appreciate David’s response in this scripture. One of his men was struck down by You for inappropriately placing his hands on the ark of God. Although David felt anger towards You in the moment due to one of his men dying, he also expressed a reverent fear of You and allowed that fear to determine his steps instead of his anger. Instead of ditching the ark or continuing on to bring it to the city of David, he instead chose to leave it at the nearby house of Obed-edom, the Gittite. He allowed his reverent and spiritual fear of You and the act You displayed before them to determine his steps instead of his temporary anger towards You. My prayer today is that I too can ensure that all I do is focused on You and Your will for my life, Father, regardless of if I’m angry towards You in the moment. My anger is temporary, but Your love, grace, and will for my life is eternal and everlasting. Help to keep me focused on this, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: David’s journey in being the king of Israel, now, continues to be an interesting one. His example of faith, obedience, and consistency gives me great hope that I am on the right path in my own life, Father. I often question my choices and decisions. I question whether or not I’m truly doing what is actually within Your will for my life, Father. Sometimes I feel I get it right, sometimes I’m not absolutely certain, and sometimes I feel I was way off. Help me with consistency towards You in my life, but also help me to keep my eyes, mind, and heart always focused on You regardless of what’s happening around me in this life, Father.



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