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Quiet Time in 2 Thessalonians 1




SIN (verse 4): I wish I could say that one could boast about my endurance and faith in all persecutions and afflictions, but I am weak as I often am living in my flesh instead of in the Spirit You have blessed me with. I still cling to many things of my old identity instead of living in and embracing my new, born-again identity in Christ. Please forgive me for my lack of endurance during those difficult times, Father. Forgive me for not going to You through all of my persecutions and afflictions for Your strength so that I may endure the trials and temptations this life throws at me with Your strength and not my own.


PROMISE (verses 6-9): Such a bold promise is made in these verses that my heart actually aches from. I wish it wasn’t so, but I understand it’s a necessity for when Jesus returns as it is promised. Your promise here is that all those who have gone against You will suffer greatly upon Jesus’ return. I do not wish suffering upon anyone, but I do understand that Your Kingdom will return one day and upon Your return You must give the final and ultimate cleansing to this earth, so that Your followers can live in the glorious kingdom You are preparing for us without any sin, without any pain, without any turmoil or afflictions. I thank You for this promise of the perfect Kingdom here on earth upon Your return, Father, and I look forward to Your reign!


ATTITUDE (verse 3): Paul writes to the Thessalonians that he is thankful for them because their faith is flourishing and their love for one another is ever increasing. Faith and love have been two struggles of mine for quite some time. I do have faith, but my struggle is truly embracing and expressing that faith through all aspects of my life. I do have love, but my struggle is truly allowing Your love to fill me to the point of overflow and then sharing that overflow unselfishly with those around me. Help me to be better at embracing these attitudes in my spiritual journey, Father, as I walk in this broken world. Help me to stand tall and firm in the faith I have in You but also in the love that You have for me, so that I can be a better vessel in this life for Your kingdom and not for my own selfish desires.


COMMAND (verse 12): Not necessarily a direct command, but I do feel that a portion of this verse is speaking to me as a command. Paul writes that the name of our Lord Jesus will be glorified by us. Have I truly lived my life in a way that glorifies my faith in Jesus? Definitely not. Have I made mistakes in my private life that would shame my faith in this world if it were exposed? Definitely. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I have made many mistakes in my past and even continue to make mistakes here-and-there in my present. I pray that I can embrace this command in my heart fully, so that when I am about to do something I go to the Spirit first to determine whether or not what I am about to do would bring glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus. I need to be better at going to You before I do things, so that as the Spirit speaks to me, I can be swayed one way or the other on the things maybe my flesh wants to do in the moment that in no way would glorify You. Help me in this, Father, so that as I do start to give into my weaknesses, Your voice is heard in a way that I will listen and turn from my sinful desires and ways.


EXAMPLE (verses 3-5): Paul speaks to the Thessalonians with such encouragement. He starts off by saying he is thankful to God for them as their faith is flourishing and their love for one another is ever-increasing. Then he says that he boasts about them to God’s churches about their endurance and faith through all persecutions and afflictions as they continue to endure. He then reassures them that he is confident that there is clear evidence that they will be considered worthy of God’s kingdom, for which they are also suffering for in this life. Help me to live in a way that Paul would say similar things towards me, Father. Help me to live in the example he is giving us about the Thessalonians. Help me to be faithful, to live in love towards one another, to endure all afflictions, persecutions, and temptations this life may throw at me, and to simply be someone who is truly worthy of being a part of Your kingdom. I know that my salvation is guaranteed through my faith in Jesus Christ, but I also want to be worthy of that salvation. I do not want to be one who shames or disgraces Your kingdom in this life, so that I can be a vessel and testimony to what Your kingdom is truly like. Help me in this, Father.


*DAILY NOTE: This first chapter of 2 Thessalonians, although extremely short, is quite powerful. You used Paul as a vessel to tie in so many valuable lessons for me today and I am very grateful for this. It still amazes me that something written about 2,000 years ago is still so relevant to me specifically today. Thank You for always showing me great counsel and wisdom through Your word and Your truth, Father. Continue Your works in me. Continue to remind me about who I was versus who I am in Jesus. I know I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to my Spiritual journey in this life, but I also know from my life verse that by myself this is impossible but with You all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Give me the strength to endure the trials and temptations of this life and of my flesh, Father, so that I am a worthy reflection of Your kingdom to this world.



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