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Quiet Time in 2 Thessalonians 3




SIN (verse 9): I have not been the best of an example to my family and those around me about my faith and Your kingdom, Father. I am ashamed to say that I have actually been quite a bad example of a true Christ follower for most of my faith. Please forgive me for this, Father. Although I have gotten better since joining the Real Men 300, I do still falter at times in the example I’m providing to others of what a true Christ follower should be. I know I am still a work-in-progress, but I also know that as Your word reveals to me my weaknesses and mistakes that I am to try my best to not only confess those to You, but also to work hard with and through You to fix them. Help me to be a better Godly man and a better example of what a true Christ follower is supposed to be in this broken world, Father.


PROMISE (verse 3): Paul always reveals so many amazing promises from You. Here he tells us that our Lord is faithful and that He will strengthen us and guard us from the evil one. I am aware that I have to accept this strength in order to truly combat the evil one. I know that I have to consistently pursue You and embrace Your truths so that as the evil one does attempt to distract, deceive, or attack me that I am strong through You and that You will guard me through it all. Thank You for this promise and for always being faithful to me, Father, even when I have faltered.


ATTITUDE (verse 5): I really do need to get better at living this way. Paul writes, “may the Lord direct your hearts to God’s love and Christ’s endurance.” Oftentimes I have failed in this life with mistakes, fleshly desires, and sinful acts because I have failed to go to You, Father, for Your love and endurance. Help me to be better at walking this life with You and always going to You through everything this life throws at me, whether good or bad. Constantly remind me that You are there to provide me with Your love and endurance so that I am able to take on any of life’s challenges through You. Thank You for never leaving my side even in those times I have tried to look away from Your kingdom. Thank You for always showing me love, even though many of my actions in this life have not been very loving towards You and those closest to me.


COMMAND (verse 6): I see You are being pretty direct with Your command today, Father, as You opened this verse with “Now we command you.” It doesn’t get much more direct than that. The command here is for us to keep away from every brother who walks irresponsibly and not according to the traditions received from You. I do struggle at times with just “giving into the crowd” instead of living in Your will for my life. I often struggle with telling people who have opposing viewpoints to Your truths that I do not agree with them. Instead, I just stay silent or walk away temporarily. I do struggle with my spiritual confidence at times, unfortunately. This is not how You expect me to live out my spiritual life, however. You expect me to stand strong in my faith and to always challenge those who oppose You or are irresponsible in this life, especially those who are followers. Help me to be better at communicating to those around me who claim to be my brothers in Christ yet fail to truly follow You. Help me to be more confident in my spiritual knowledge and wisdom so that when I do speak to them, it is You speaking through me and not me speaking through my flesh.


EXAMPLE (verses 14-15): I really like this example as it brings the command from verse 6 into more clarity. You tell us that if we are around people who do not obey your instructions, to take note of them, not associate with them for the purpose of them to feel ashamed and convicted by You in the moment. The key to this example, however, is the very last verse. You tell us to not treat them as an enemy, but warn them as a brother. This goes back to the old saying of “hate the sin, not the person.” In no way should I treat anyone as an enemy in this life as it is their flesh and the enemy deceiving them who is causing them to disobey You. They are still God’s children and I must recognize the fact that all of us are weak, have different upbringings, and have had different experiences in our lives which have driven us to be who we are today. Since coming to faith, it does take quite a bit to change those old habits. I’m 10+ years into my faith and I’m still making many mistakes that I made since before coming to faith. Not intentionally, of course, but because it takes a LOT to break 30+ years of old habits and recover from 40 years of the hurts, wounds, pain, and turmoil that I’ve experienced. Help me to be better at recognizing the same for others, Father. Remind me that the person themselves is not my enemy, nor should I ever treat them as such. If they are a Christ follower, then they are a brother or sister of mine that I should show concern for and not hatred. I am still learning, Father. Thank You for reminding me of this today.


*DAILY NOTE: The second book of Thessalonians is quite short, but wow is there quite a bit to learn from in these verses. Today’s lesson was great as it provided clarity on how I am to treat others, how I am to walk in my faith, as well as how amazing You are towards me. Thank You for today’s lessons, Father. Thank You for always sharing Your wisdom with me when I’m ready for it. As I close out this final chapter in Thessalonians, I ask that You continue to guide me in my quiet times and the direction I should go each-and-every time I start a new book in Your word. I ask that You continue to mentor me, instruct me, and counsel me through this life so that as I continue to build up this relationship with You it is YOU who shows through me and not my flesh or my old self.



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