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Quiet Time in Acts 11




SIN (verse 23b): The latter part of this verse hit me kind of hard directly in the heart. You say that we are to “remain true to the Lord with a firm resolve of the heart.” Oh, how often in my life since coming to faith have I failed at this? How often have I lacked a firm resolve in my own heart towards my beliefs in You, Father. Even to this day I struggle every so often with my heart. I tend to hold onto some of my fleshly ways of thinking and even some doubts every so often. Please forgive me for this, Father. Forgive me for often feeling weak and distrusting towards my own faith. Forgive me for often feeling some doubt and vulnerability in my faith. Help me to be stronger in my faith, Father, so that I not only remain true to You, but also so that I do so with a firm resolve of my heart.


PROMISE (verse 18b): The promise here is one that Your followers finally came to a realization of in this moment. They finally realized that the eternal salvation that Jesus promises is not strictly for those known to be the “Jews” back then. Jesus’ promises are for ALL of those who willingly choose to believe in Him and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Although this was vastly different from what they had believed prior to Jesus, it is one of the many new promises made upon Jesus’ arrival, crucifixion, and resurrection. Thank You, Father, so this promise and fulfillment of the promise through people like me. Assuring us that anyone can be saved, regardless of which “group of people” they belong to is a blessing as anyone can follow You and be saved by You. Thank You, Father!


ATTITUDE (verse 29): My focus here is really on the middle part of this verse where it says “according to his ability.” You didn’t call us to do EVERYTHING that Your ministry requires. You called us to do things for Your ministry according to the abilities You have blessed us with. Someone who is a capable electrician but has never worked on vehicles, should not think that their purpose for Your kingdom is to work on people’s cars when You blessed them with knowledge and experience as an electrician. I often struggle with “staying in my lane” on topics like this. I often try to branch out to help as much as possible instead of focusing on my blessings and gifts from You, Father. This ends up stretching me too thin and diminishing the quality of giving I can do using my own gifts from You. Help me to be better at living in the attitude of “according to my ability” so that I may be able to glorify You fully through the gifts, blessings, and experiences You have blessed me with, Father, without attempting to stretch myself to things that You do not want me doing.


COMMAND (verse 9): This is a repeated command from yesterday, so it must be vitally important for me to remember. You say that “what God has made clean, you must not call common.” If someone is a follower of and a believer in Jesus Christ, then they are never considered common because You have made them clean. If they are clean to You then that is perfect as Your standards are far higher and far more important than my own. Thank You for this, Father. Thank You for the reminder, through this command, of how I am to be treating that which is considered clean by You.


EXAMPLE (verses 2-4, 18): I love how Peter reacted to those in Jerusalem who began to challenge him for visiting and eating with the “uncircumcised.” He remained calm and gave them a detailed description of exactly how things went down. In no way did he bash, criticize, or perpetrate an argument with them. He simply told them all the facts of what had happened, which resulted in them concluding that God promised salvation to ALL not just to who were known as the “Jews” at the time. Help me to be better at reacting like this when I am approached harshly, Father. I do often react to people in a negative manner, but if I were to follow Peter’s example here, then those situations would de-escalate quickly as a result of ME remaining calm throughout it all and only giving facts.


*DAILY NOTE: Thank You for today’s conversation, Father. Thank You for repeating the story from yesterday about Peter visiting the “uncircumcised” men. Thank You for giving me further clarity on how I am to treat others, but also how I am to be using the skills, gifts, and talents You’ve blessed me with. I should not be stretching myself so thin with things outside of my scope of expertise because that time would be more wisely used for things I am good at to ensure I am giving the best quality of my gifts, talents, and skills to Your kingdom. Thank You for everything today, Father. Thank You for the book of Acts, even though some of it is a little tough to read for me here-and-there. I appreciate every last bit of wisdom You are showering me with in this Scripture through our daily conversations.



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