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Quiet Time in Acts 16




SIN (verse 28): I found this to be a profound statement from Paul. God had just freed all of them from their shackles and bondage, yet they remained. The guard who was there to ensure they all remained in prison was about to kill himself because he thought all the prisoners were gone, which meant that his fate from the leaders would be death anyways. The profoundness here was that Paul decided to call out to him to save him from himself, even though he was one of the guards keeping them there. Throughout the untrialed punishment they received, essentially tortured, he still lived in Your grace and glorified You to the one who was responsible for keeping him imprisoned. I know I have been guilty of just the opposite of this, Father. I have been guilty of allowing people to go down their sinful, shameful ways instead of trying my best to help them for Your glory because I was being selfish in the moment. Please forgive me for my selfishness at times, Father. Forgive me for not always putting Your glory and Your kingdom at the forefront of all situations I’m involved in. Help me to be better at remembering that it’s not about me; rather it’s about glorifying You and expanding Your kingdom.


PROMISE (verse 31): “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.” Such an awesome promise to the world was restated in this verse. Our belief in You is what saves us, now! Not being 100% pure in the law and not making worthy sacrifices to You. Our entire salvation is based on this one promise that all we have to do is believe in and follow our Lord, Jesus Christ! Thank You for this promise, Father. I know myself and pretty much all other believers would be completely lost and damned if it weren’t for this promise, so I am extremely grateful for our eternal salvation being rooted directly in Jesus Christ.


ATTITUDE (verses 37-39): These verses remind me that knowing who we are in this world and knowing where we are in this world are still vital information regardless of our salvation. Paul knew that him and Silas were Roman citizens and that what had been done to them without a fair trial was completely illegal to do to Roman citizens. He knew the law of where he was at and he new what rules/laws applied to his status in that location. Help me to be better at knowing the laws of my own country, Father. Although I do feel I have a pretty good understanding of my rights and the laws of my country, at the same time I also feel that I do not use those rights or laws properly to glorify You. Paul and Silas did that here, so I ask that You help me to walk in the knowledge of who I am, where I am, and what rights/laws apply to me in any location my feet may bring me.


COMMAND (verse 10): Although I do not see this as a command to me, I do see it as an example of what we’re to do when we receive what we truly believe are commands from You. Paul received a vision which he felt was directly from You. His words for after the vision was over are “we immediately made efforts to set out for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to evangelize to them.” He immediately recognized the vision as a direct calling from You. Then, he also immediately began to make the efforts required for a trip to Macedonia, per Your command in the vision. He took prompt action to begin preparations for following Your command, but also ensure that the preparations were done quick enough so they could get moving quickly. When I receive what I know for sure are commands from You, I need to be better at being quick to at a minimum make preparations for whatever it is You’re asking me to do. Although I may not be able to immediately take action on Your command, just as Paul here, I need to at least begin the preparations to help move me in that direction as quickly as possible. I should not sit on Your commands because I need to think about it or want to take my time doing it. If Your commands require immediate action, then I need to remember that I must take immediate action in whatever manner You’re expecting me to and whatever manner the actions warrant me to.


EXAMPLE (verses 26-30): This example is such a powerful message. It shows me that not only can anybody be saved, but that even through any of our circumstances and situations, that we can always find moments to evangelize to others. Paul and Silas were imprisoned after being beaten pretty bad. They not only evangelized to their fellow prisoners, but also evangelized to the guard watching over them. They saved his life in the moment, but also saved his entire family’s soul for eternity. How powerful and amazing is this example for us to follow! Please continue to remind me that no matter where I am or what I’m faced with, that glorifying You should always be at the forefront of who I am and what I do.


*DAILY NOTE: There were some great stories and examples in today’s conversation, Father. I really do like hearing stories like these as they put into perspective through a real example how we should be living our lives. In no way am I perfect, but as reflected in many of the examples You’ve given to me, neither were any of Your disciples. If Your own disciples, apostles and prophets weren’t perfect then why should I expect myself to be? Thank You for the constant reminders and amazing stories to learn from, Father. Thank You for today’s conversation.



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