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Quiet Time in Acts 18




SIN (verse 14): I see this verse and at the very beginning of it You say that Paul was about to open his mouth. Thankfully, Gallio opted to speak quickly before Paul could say anything as there's a chance that Paul could have said something that would have upset Gallio in the moment. I often speak too much, Father. I often speak out of my emotions instead of holding back and speaking when necessary. If Paul had actually been able to speak here, then there's a chance he may have spoken himself into jail or a beating. Since he did not speak, instead he was able to walk away harm-free. Please forgive me for often opening my mouth far too much, Father. Forgive me for often speaking my way into an argument and/or a downward spiral. Help me to be far better than I am at listening in silence instead of speaking from my flesh, Father.


PROMISE (verse 10): You make a promise directly to Paul in his situation that he will go unharmed for You are with him. You promise him that Yours are many, so he should not be worried or concerned in those moments. When You make us a promise concerning our current situation, we need to remember to accept and embrace that promise so that we may move forward in Your will for our lives, Father. Thank You for this example of a promise and for showing me how I am to respond to a promise You give me through the Spirit. Continue to work in me, Father, so that when I do hear promises being given to me in situations, like what Paul experienced here, that I do as Paul did and continue on in the task given while I am fully embracing the promise You've given me for the purpose of that task. Thank You, Father.


ATTITUDE (verse 21): I must get better at knowing Your will and following it in my life, Father. I have to get better at ensuring others know and understand that it is Your will that needs to be done in my life and not my own. Help me to be better at walking with an attitude of submission and obedience in my life, Father, so that as I walk this life it is what You will to be done and not my own flesh. Help me to walk with an attitude of humility so that I do not put my own self out there for others to see, but rather I become a true vessel for Your kingdom's light to be shown to others through me.


COMMAND (verse 9): This command to Paul is quite clear and I feel it also applies to me most of the time. You command Paul to not be afraid, but to keep on speaking and not be silent. I am assuming he was getting maybe a little worried and anxious in the moment due to some of the rebellious attitudes of those around him. You immediately squelched all of that so that Your work could be done through Paul. He immediately listened and followed Your command by moving forward with speaking to the Gentiles and Jews around him about You and the New Covenant. Thank You, Father, so such an amazing command to Paul here. I too feel like I sometimes do not speak up enough about Your truth to others, Father, out of worry or anxiety. Hearing this command does help me realize that I need to be better at not being afraid, so that I can keep on speaking Your truth and not be silent.


EXAMPLE (verses 1-3): Paul gives us such an amazing example here of how we are to honor those who we are guests of. He was staying with a family, who opened their doors for him without a contract or expectation of a return. That didn't matter to Paul, however. Paul made sure he at least gave them some work from him based on his own skillset. He worked alongside them for periods of time while he stayed with them making tents as that was both their profession and his. He made sure he did not put out a message that he was taking advantage of them. Instead, he put out a message that he was extremely grateful for their hospitality and wanted to be as helpful as possible through it all. Although I do feel I do pretty good about this particular topic myself when I'm staying with others, but I could definitely do better. Thank You for providing me with this example today, Father. Help me to be better at being a good guest to those who are willing to host me so that I can show them my thankfulness through the gifts You've blessed me with.


*DAILY NOTE: Thank You for this message today, Father. I do have some issues with humility as well as knowing when to speak and when not to speak. You are molding me to become better at these things, but I do still struggle at times. Thank You for giving me more examples to live by, more lessons to learn from, and more wisdom to accept as internal truth in my heart, Father. I ask that You continue to be patient in me as You are doing great works inside of me, Father. Continue to press Your wisdom into my heart so that I may align more with Your will for my life. Continue to be there with me through all things, so that I do not default into the flesh as often as I have in the past. As long as I align with Your will for my life more and more as the days progress, then I am moving in the right direction for my life. Help me to stay moving forward in Your will and not my own, Father, so that as I become more aligned with Your will for my life it is You who is shown through me to all those around me.



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