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Quiet Time in Acts 27




SIN (verse 25): Although this was definitely an actual storm, I also see the spiritual storm in Paul’s life here. The people in control of the boat are not listening to sound advice. They are being stubborn in their ways regardless of what the outcome may be. Paul, however, has been praying and heard from You that they will be safe if they do certain things, but that their journey will become more difficult with more challenges before the safe ending arrives. Paul stayed rather calm throughout this storm, fully relying on and seeking courage in You. I do struggle with turning back to my fleshly ways when put under extremely stressful situations like Paul was put under here. I am not proud of that and I ask You to forgive me for my weakness when tested. Help me to lean on Your courage and strength throughout any storms this life may present to me, but also to lean on Your wisdom to help me navigate through the storm as Paul did here.


PROMISE (verse 44): The very final verse in this chapter gave the fulfillment of Your promise to Paul but can also be relayed to all of us. Your promise was that if everyone stayed faithful and trusted in You, that although the ship itself may be lost that all the people would be kept safe. Everyone may not have fully trusted You in their hearts as only You know that, but they surely put on the front as-if they did, by eventually following what Paul relayed to them to do. You are faithful to Your promises, it’s just that sometimes we want that fulfillment immediately not realizing that we may have to go through “some things” before the fulfillment of that promise occurs. We must remain faithful through the trials and through Your guidance so that we can reap the benefits of a fulfilled promise from You!


ATTITUDE (verses 24-25): God spoke to Paul and said for him to not be afraid, because He will get him through to testify before Caesar. I’m sure Paul was probably feeling a bit of fear at this point as the storms sounded like they were pretty treacherous at the time. Your encouragement, however, helped him get passed that fear so that he could relay the courage You bring to those around him. After You told him to not be afraid, he told those around him to take courage, because God will get us through this! Help me to embrace an attitude of reliance on You, Father, through the fearful times as Paul did here. Help me to live in an attitude of courage that only You can provide, instead of always trying to rely on my own strength and courage. Thank You for being there through the storms, Father, even if I don’t always turn to You for strength, encouragement, guidance, and courage.


COMMAND (verses 23-24): An angel spoke to Paul on Your behalf, giving him a simple command to not be afraid. I feel there is more behind this, however. I feel the command is in what is said after this statement when the angel says that Paul must stand before Caesar and that God has graciously given him all those who are sailing with him. The command is for us to fully trust in our Father in heaven, but also to be obedient to Your commands for us. If You tell us that we WILL eventually do a specific task, we must remain obedient to You and trust in You fully to get to that end point, just as Paul will. There may be some storms we’ll have to endure to get there, but that is to sharpen us, hone us, and increase our strength along the way for what is to come. Thank You, Father, for this encouragement, but also thank You for revealing to me a command that I have not fully given myself to over the years. Help me to be better at fully trusting and relying on You through all things instead of constantly delving back into my fleshly “strength” to get me through. Your path for me is always better than anything I can do on my own and I must remember this throughout all the storms of this life.


EXAMPLE (verses 25-26, 43-44): The story here about being faithful through the storms is absolutely a testimony to Your great vision! You know the beginning, middle, and end. You know what steps we must take to get to where You want us to go. Most of the time those steps are only revealed to us 1 or 2 at a time, but You know all of them. Paul was promised that he’d speak to Caesar and that as a result of these storms, he’d have even more witnesses to testify on his behalf. You did, however, tell him that it would not be an easy path getting there, but if he leans on You for courage and follows You fully, then all will come to fruition as You have promised. In the end, the boat was lost as You promised, but all people were saved just as You promised as well! Thank You for this great example of how Your vision for our steps far surpasses anything we can foresee about our own path in this life, Father. Thank You for this great example of obedience and trust in You through the storms, even when it may be difficult for us at times. You are always faithful.


*DAILY NOTE: WOW! Today’s story about obedience, faithfulness, and trust through the storms of this life was absolutely amazing, Father. Thank You for taking me through Paul’s story here. Thank You for revealing to me that we don’t have to be strong by ourselves, because You are always with us. Thank You for showing me that even though this life will bring storms, that Your promises will always come to fruition if we are faithful to You. Although they lost the ship and are now stranded on this island, all of them are still alive. There were many temptations and struggles along the way, but the exact promise You made to them was fulfilled in the end! It may have taken two weeks of storms for them to get through, but they got through it all because they listened to Paul who listened to and trust fully in You. Help me to embrace this story fully in my heart, Father, so that as I begin to bear through the many storms in this life that are to come, I’m sure, that I will always go to You through it all so that You navigate my steps and not myself. Help me to discern what Your next steps are for me always, Father, so that I remain on Your path for my life and no longer go an alternate route that my flesh or the world wants to take me down. Thank You, Father, for such a great lesson today!



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