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Quiet Time in Acts 3




SIN (verse 19): Once again You’re speaking directly to me about repentance, Father. Repentance, as I mentioned yesterday, is something I have struggled with when it comes to ALL things I have done wrong in Your eyes. I find myself holding onto so many things from my past instead of releasing them to You. I know this is a struggle of mine and I am truly sorry for this. Please forgive me for my disobedience in my repentance, Father. Although I have repented for some things, I am far from having repented for all mistakes I’ve made. This is not what You called me to do, but I pray that as my relationship with You grows and strengthens that I will build up the courage and wisdom to truly repent for all I have done in this life, Father.


PROMISE (verse 25): This is a rather unique promise that isn’t mentioned too much in the Bible, at least not that I recall. I do remember it mentioned at least a couple of other times but compared to some other promises of Yours that is pretty rare. I guess maybe You feel You shouldn’t have to remind us as much for some promises as You do others. This promise is concerning Abraham’s offspring. You promise us that ALL the families of this earth will be blessed by the multitudes of offspring You promised to him. After thousands of years, I can only imagine how large and spread out that family tree has grown. I have no way of telling if I am an offspring of Abraham nor if those around me are, but I am thankful for this promise. I am thankful that You produced a blessing to us all through a regular man simply because of his faithfulness. Thank You for this promise, Father.


ATTITUDE (verse 17): Why do I feel like a part of this verse is speaking directly to me after a couple thousand years later? You say that they essentially sacrificed Jesus out of ignorance. I feel I often do things or say things out of ignorance as well. Help me to battle this negative attitude of mine which has caused many poor decisions in my life, Father. Help me to no longer live a life in ignorance, rather to live with an attitude of the Spirit and of Your wisdom throughout all things.


COMMAND (verse 19): I see you’re bringing me back to this verse again. Your command here is for Your followers to truly repent, so that all of our sins may be wiped out and that “seasons of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” I have found myself truly refreshed by repentance in the things I have repented for, so I don’t know why I still struggle with this command at times. I want to fully experience the seasons of refreshing that You promise here through repentance, but for some reason I’m still allowing my flesh and the world to keep a grasp on me in some ways. Please continue Your great works in me, Father, so that I can truly release all things to You one day. Help me to truly live a life of repentance, no matter the faults I have nor mistakes I make in this life.


EXAMPLE (verse 12): I like the example given here of a righteous yet humble man. Peter and John performed a miracle for a crippled man at the gate of a temple. This was after the crucifixion of Jesus, so the power to do so was given to them through the Holy Spirit. When they were approached in awe and amazement, they made sure to point the onlookers back to You, Father. They did not want this amazing achievement and blessing credited to themselves, which is how we should all be living. They specifically said, in a rhetorical way I’m sure, hat they are looking at them as if they made him walk by their own power or godliness. This leads me back to my life verse in Matthew 19:26 where Jesus says that with men these things are impossible, but with God all things are possible. Help me to live in humility like they did, Father. Nothing I attain is by my own strength, but because of You and the blessings You’ve given me. Thank You for this great example of humility, Father, as it could have gone a very different route has Peter and John chosen to give credit to themselves in this situation.


*DAILY NOTE: Repentance and humility; these are two things that I do struggle quite a bit with, so I guess it makes sense that You keep on repeating these to my heart in our quiet times. Thank You for always pushing me further down the path You want me to be on, Father. Thank You for always serving me reminders of the things I need to work on in this life. Thank You for always showing me Your way of living this life, but also that Your ways are always better than my own. I am so grateful for all the great works You’ve done in my heart and my life already and I look forward to this continued growth and restoration that You have in store for me, Father. Thank You for everything.



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