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Quiet Time in Acts 5




SIN (verse 3): I have definitely told a lie here-and-there in my life. I’m usually fairly straight-forward about things, but sometimes I have lied under pressure. Although I cannot remember an exact example right now off the top of my head, I know for sure that many of those lies were against Your truth for me, Father. They were against Your word, Father. Please forgive me for my worldly and fleshly ways in lying, Father. Help me to be better at simply living in Your truth, so that the fleshly and worldly lies no longer come out of my mouth or live in my mind.


PROMISE (verse 4b): In the latter part of this verse, You say “why is it that you planned this thing in your heart? You have not lied to men, but to God.” I see this as a promise that God can see all and hear all. I see this as a promise that the lies we tell ourselves are lies we’re actually telling to God. I see this as a promise that whether we think we are doing right by embracing something into our heart, if it is not for God or what God expects of us then we are lying to both ourselves and to God. How many times have I made this mistake in my life? You have shown me so much grace in my life, Father. I could easily be struck down just as Ananias and his wife were in this chapter, yet You still allow me to walk this life and, hopefully, produce at least some good fruits for Your kingdom. Thank You, Father, for the never-ceasing grace You’ve shown me, but also for the promise reflected in this verse.


ATTITUDE (verse 29): When Peter was approached with some resistance from the religious leaders at the time, what did he do? Did he walk away and cower? Did he obey them and move on quietly? Did he stop following Your commands simply because the religious leaders around him didn’t agree with some of the things he was saying? NO!! Instead, he stood his ground with the strength of the Lord and said “we must obey God rather than men.” That is such a strong and bold attitude for Peter to live by. He just witnessed what they did to Jesus Himself for somewhat opposing the religious leaders and yet he shows no fear by making this statement. He shows that he is truly a follower of Christ and is not afraid to stand by God 100%, even if it means going through the same suffering that Jesus went through.


COMMAND (verse 29): This verse just keeps speaking to me. Such a simple verse, yet so much power behind it for me personally. That’s why I also see it as a command for my journal. They are being put on trial, essentially, for simply speaking about Jesus...speaking the truth that they literally were witnesses to. Yet, you told them to stand firm in their faith by “obeying God rather than men” even when the heat is rising around them. Obey God rather than men must have been an extremely difficult thing for those religious leaders to hear, yet a command from God is a command from God and they can’t really argue with this one. Help me to be a better servant in this life by following this command, Father. Help me to be better at obeying You rather than men through all of this life. Help me to be better at discerning what is from You versus what is from mankind.


EXAMPLE (verses 18-21): The apostles were arrested again. This time for simply speaking about the truth of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Yet, an angel freed them from this prison for the purpose of testifying their life story to the people in the temple. They were faithful throughout all of this. I know I likely would have been pretty scared in this moment because they were arrested simply for their faith in Jesus Christ and testifying about that faith and their experiences. That’s it! These men, however, stood firm in their faith, leading God to send angels down to navigate them out of their prison and into the temple for the sole purpose of telling their life stories. How amazing is that? Help me to stand firm in my faith through all things, Father. Help me to also be better at giving my testimony as You charged these men with doing in this scripture. Help me to feel more at ease through the difficult times and to glorify You in all things that I do, think, say, and experience in this life.


*DAILY NOTE: Wow! The apostles were definitely pushing back against the religious leaders just like Jesus did prior to His crucifixion. I am happy to see they truly continued on in His great works instead of scattering and remaining silent simply because Jesus was no longer with them in the flesh. They remember that it was prophecy that this event happened to Him. It HAD to happen and it had to be man that did this to the Lord and Savior, Jesus, to help us learn the lesson better. God foretold all of this and the apostles knew this. This is why they were likely stronger in their faith than ever after all they had witnessed. This is probably why they were able to produce some miracles through the Holy Spirit. This is probably why their lives were constantly spared even though the religious leaders of the time felt the apostles were being dangerously rebellious. Help me to live my life with a faith this strong, Father. Remind me that You are always near and always willing to help me through anything this life throws at me. Help me to stand on Your shoulders instead of always trying to stand on my own. Thank You for today’s great conversation, Father. I look forward to what tomorrow brings if You choose to bless me with another day.



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