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Quiet Time in Colossians 2




SIN (verse 20): This is a pretty powerful statement that Paul is making, which I definitely feel convicted from. Paul asks the Colossians a simple yet very powerful question—If you died with the Messiah to the elemental forces of this world, why do you live as if you still belonged to the world? Rephrasing in my own words, if I am a new, born-again identity in Christ, then why am I still living in many ways the identity of my flesh that the world has given me? This is a big struggle of mine. I do struggle with truly embracing my new, born-again identity in Christ and releasing my fleshly identity that was defined by this world. Please forgive me for this, Father. Help me to learn to walk more in my new identity that You’ve blessed me with and less in my old, broken identity that was given to me by this world. Help me to also know the difference between the two in all ways, so that if I do delve back into my old identity, I can quickly lean on Your wisdom and strength to change that.


PROMISE (verse 3): This is a promise that I’ve known about for my entire faith journey yet have had difficulty truly embracing it. I am slowly beginning to accept and embrace this promise more now than I ever have, but I do still struggle at times. The promise is that ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in Christ Jesus. I often try to rely on my own wisdom, knowledge, and understanding instead of going to You for answers, instruction, and counsel. I often try to live this life the way that I know instead of delving into the promise that You’ve given here. Please continue to remind me, Father, that the knowledge and wisdom of this world pales in comparison that what You provide me through Jesus. Help me to be better at understanding and embracing this knowledge and wisdom in my everyday life.


ATTITUDE (verse 2): Paul’s passion for all Christians just astounds me at times, but also the way he wants them to embrace each other. He says that he wants their hearts to be encouraged and joined together in love, so that they may have all the riches of assured understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery—Christ. I do struggle quite often with walking in an encouraged attitude that joins myself with others in an attitude of love. I often dig into criticisms and rebellions instead of simply embracing Your love for others in my life. Help me to be better at walking in an attitude of love in my life, Father.


COMMAND (verse 18): Not only is this verse a command, but it also is a statement of caution. You tell us to not let anyone disqualify our faith, regardless of their insistence of some type of visions or spiritual transcendence. There are many in this world that will try to deceive me with their claim of visions, speaking with angels, and such, yet You warn us not to give into these deceptions. Help me to be strong through You, Father, so that I can resist these deceptions. Help me to know when someone is giving me actual spiritual advice from You versus a false spiritual vision from the enemy or the flesh.


EXAMPLE (verse 11): Yet another clarification and great example of circumcision. In here You clearly give us an example of what true spiritual circumcision is and it has nothing to do with the physical circumcision of a man’s genitalia. Paul writes that we are circumcised in Him with a circumcision not done with hands, but by putting off the body of the flesh through the circumcision of the Messiah. Our circumcision, as You dictate, is for us to separate our new, born-again self from our worldly/fleshly self in a way that we truly become our new, born-again identity in Christ. Although this is a struggle of mine, I do appreciate and understand what You are doing for me in my life. I do struggle with holding onto some things of my past, of my flesh, and of the world. I know, however, that through continued and progressive relationship with You through my quiet times, prayer, and surrounding myself with Godly men that I will continue to access the grace and wisdom to live in my new, born-again identity through Christ. Thank you, Father, for always pushing me in the right direction for my life even though I often give into my rebellious nature.


*DAILY NOTE: So much to learn from such a short chapter in Colossians. You start by showing us how Christians are to love one another. Then You give us clarity on what is meant by circumcision of the flesh. Then You go onto warn us about the many deceptions this life may try to throw in our path. Lastly, You give us such a powerful conviction about how we like to still live in the worldly ways even though we our old selves are dead and our new identity in Christ has risen! Thank You for so many lessons today, Father. I have a lot to think about and continue to work on in my life, but I know that as I continue to grow in my relationship with You that more clarity will be brought to me through my progression into my new, born-again identity.



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