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Quiet Time in Deuteronomy 25




SIN (verse 15): I don’t think this is exactly what this verse is talking about as it sounds more trade/payment related, but it is speaking to my heart about something. I do often treat people different based on various things such as their religious practices, whether or not they’ve wronged me or said something I didn’t like in the past, their attitude in the moment, etc. This is not what You’ve called me to do in my life, Father. You say here that I need to have a full and honest weight. I see this as a way of saying that I should treat all equally and be honest to all, regardless of the circumstances. I have not acted in this way many times in my life, so I ask for Your forgiveness, Father. Help me to be more like what You expect of me so that I can be more honest, fair, and equal to all those I interact with instead of picking and choosing based on my fleshly opinions/desires.


PROMISE (verse 16): I find the latter part of this to be an interesting statement. After discussing being full and honest with our measures, You then say that anyone who does not maintain a full and honest measure is detestable to You. You promise us that if we do not practice honesty and fullness in our measure that You will see us as detestable. I can only imagine the disappointment You’d have towards us when You describe something as “detestable” to You, because that’s a pretty powerful word to use. Help me to be better at not doing things which are detestable to You, Father.


ATTITUDE (verse 15): My attitude adjustment today is quite simply to be better at always bringing a full and honest measure inside of me no matter the situation or the person. Help me to walk in and embrace this full and honest measure so that it just comes naturally to me, Father. Help me to shed away my old, fleshly habits of picking and choosing how I want to act/react in various situations. Help me to remain more consistent in Your ways of living this life when I go out into the world.


COMMAND (verse 1): This command is a simple one, but I don’t think enough people, including myself, follow it today. Your command is quite simply that when there is a disagreement between two people that they are to utilize their spiritual leaders as judges to help navigate through the disagreement and determine an appropriate and fair outcome based on the facts of the matter from both sides. It seems that anytime we have a sharp disagreement with someone, which we can’t resolve just amongst ourselves, that we just cut ties as it seems like the easier/better thing to do in the moment. This is not what You’ve commanded here, however. You’ve command for both followers of Christ to come to leaders which You’ve appointed for a reasonable judgment so that we can enhance, grow, and bring peace to our relationship. Help me to be better at not closing off, Father. Help me to be better at being willing to go to my spiritual leaders for wisdom, advice, and occasional judgment in this life.


EXAMPLE (verses 5-6): This example is a rather profound one, but I get the overall theme behind it. As men, we are called to be the leaders of our household. Sometimes, this household needs to get expanded a bit for various reasons. Men should not just “give up” on other family members just because they aren’t directly in their own household. As a man of God, I need to be better at ensuring my entire family, on both sides of the marriage, is taken care of. As a man of God and the spiritual leader of my home, I need to be better at ensuring both my internal family and extended family are living in a way that pleases You. I can’t force it, but I can at least provide a good example for them to see as well as Your good word for them to hear. Help me be better at relaying to all of my family what You want them to hear, Father.


*DAILY NOTE: Very interesting conversation today, Father. Family, judgment, honesty, truth, equal measures. These are all great topics to discuss, but also topics that can be devastating when out of balance in my life. Help me to continue to work to keep balance in my life according to Your will for my life, Father. Help me to live in a way that is pleasing to You by making changes which are needed in my life in order to maintain the balance that You want me to keep. Help me to identify where I’m lacking and where I’m strong, Father, so that as I do begin to make changes in my life, I can recognize the changes that need to be made the most versus the ones that only need minor tweaks. Thank You for today’s conversation, Father. Although some of the statements used were very harsh, I am happy to have been able to dig into the meaning of Your word, Your truth, and Your message to me today and understand what You wanted to speak to me.



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