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Quiet Time in Deuteronomy 31




SIN (verse 16): I wouldn’t truly say I have ever worshipped other gods in my life. There was one time that I was at a Muslim friend’s house when I was maybe 12 or 13. Their family began to do their routine worship to their god and asked me to partake. I had no clue what I was doing and just followed the motions that they were doing to respect their home and their practices. I was not a follower of You yet, at that point, but I did want to at least confess that I did that. Additionally, I have put other “things” in this life above You, which I guess would be more along the idol lines and not the worshipping gods topic, but I still feel the need to confess. Please forgive me for occasionally putting things such as money, work, my wife, sex, lust, etc. above You, Father. Forgive me for often uses these as excuses, as well, to “avoid” You in a sense. Help me to be better at prioritizing You over all else in my life, Father.


PROMISE (verse 6, 8b): In both of these verses You give us such an amazing promise. The promise here is that no matter what our circumstances or what we are facing in this life, that You will never leave us or forsake us. As long as I am seeking You, You will always be there for me. If I stop seeking You, it’s not that You aren’t there for me, I’m just not looking Your way as I have done in the past. Just like when I was digging myself into a deeper and deeper hole in my life, Your hand was always there to help me get out of that hole, I was just too stubborn and blinded by my own guilt, shame, and anger to look in Your direction. Looking back, however, I can definitely see that You were ALWAYS there for me, Father. I wish I had reached out sooner to get Your help but thank You for never leaving my side.


ATTITUDE (verse 8): In this verse You remind us that You will ALWAYS be with us. At the same time, You also give that reassurance to me personally, that no matter what I go through in this life, You will never leave or forsake me. Thank You for that, Father. Today, I see this last part of the verse and I will admit I do struggle with this portion at times. You tell us to not be afraid nor discouraged. I do struggle with both at times, Father. Help me to increase in You so that I decrease in my own fleshly weaknesses, Father. Help me to remember to lean on You more throughout my life instead of relying on my own strength and courage.


COMMAND (verse 8): Although this was my attitude adjustment that I need to work on, I also see the latter part of this verse as a command. If I am truly leaning on You throughout my life, then You are commanding me to not be afraid nor discouraged. If I am truly going to You throughout anything this life throws at me, instead of relying on myself, then I actually have no reason to be afraid nor discouraged because, as You’ve stated here, You are always will me and will never leave me nor forsake me. Help me to be better at following this command, Father, so that as I continue to align my will, actions, thoughts, etc. with Yours, that I no longer will give into fear nor discouragement in this life.


EXAMPLE (verses 1-3): I really love the example Moses gives to us in these verses. At first one can see that he’s just recognizing that his life is coming to an end and he must pass the torch onto the next faithful servant to lead Your people. I also see, however, his example of how to be obedient to You. You commanded him to lead Your people for many, many years. You commanded him to ensure the path is set for Your people to make their way to the promised land. When nearing that final location, You also commanded him that his time is near and that he will not proceed forward to the final destination and instead he will be returning to You in Your kingdom. Moses gave a perfect example of trust and obedience in You throughout his ministry as leader of Your people and relaying of Your messages to them. He recognized that this is not his mission, but Yours, and that he was just a tool used in Your great plan for some of the steps. Now it is time for Joshua to continue that plan for his portion of the steps. Thank You for this great example, Father!


*DAILY NOTE: Today’s quiet time is definitely a reminder that I do still have a lot of work to do in my faith when it comes to my obedience, trusting You, relying on You, consistency in my faith, and going to You for all things in this life. Thank You for this reminder, Father, as it is what I truly needed on this day. I’ve said this before and I will likely say it many more times, but Your timing on things in my life continues to amaze me. Thank You for always having perfect timing on revealing things to me when You know I need them, but also when You know that I am truly willing to accept them. Help me to continue my works in my faith so that my faith strengthens to the point that I no longer live in some circumstances in fear nor discouragement. Help me to live out my faith through consistency, obedience, and trust in You through all things, Father. Thank You for the words of encouragement, revelation, and conviction today.



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