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Quiet Time in Deuteronomy 33-34





SIN (verses 33:9-10): In these two verses, I see You repeat something that is speaking to my heart this morning. I have not been the best, since coming to faith, at both keeping Your word, but also teaching it to others. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and all of those mistakes boil down to me not keeping Your word all the time. I know I am weak and I know Your grace is sufficient, but it doesn’t mean that I should just run around in this life doing whatever my flesh wants to do. Please forgive me for my immaturity in my faith at times, Father. Help me to be better at keeping Your word, but also in teaching Your instructions to others.


PROMISE (verse 33:29): You said this a few times throughout scripture and here You are saying it again. You promise us that You are a shield that protects us. The most powerful shield in this world pales in comparison to the strength of the shield You provide, Father. If I fully lean on and trust in You, then the strength of the shield will protect me from anything this life may try to throw at me, according to Your will of course. Thank You for Your amazing promise of being a Shield in my life, Father.


ATTITUDE (verse 33:12): I do struggle at times with leaning on You on a consistent basis, Father. In this verse, however, in reference to Benjamin, You say that You shield him all day long and that he rests on Your shoulders. He works all day long for Your kingdom, trusting You fully. When it is time to rest, he doesn’t do so on his own, but on Your shoulders. He rests knowing that, living in, and breathing with You as his foundation. Help me to embrace an attitude of rest on Your shoulders, Father. I do struggle with rest in general as I feel I always need to be doing something or when I do rest it’s really not for the right reasons. If I rest on Your shoulders, however, I am keeping my focus on You through even my rest. Help me with this, Father.


COMMAND (verse 33:3): I read something rather specific in this verse that I didn’t see too often in scripture. Moses says that all of Your people assemble at Your feet and each RECEIVES Your words. Although Moses gave the instruction which You told Him to give, it was still up to every single person to receive Your words. Moses was faithful in his delivery, but are all of Your followers faithful in their reception of that? I know I have not been, at least not on a consistent basis, and I’m sure I’m not the only one like this in the world. Help me to be a better receiver in this life, Father. Help me to truly receive Your truth, Your word, Your instructions in my heart as You have stated here.


EXAMPLE (verses 34:10-12): Moses was such an amazing example to us. He wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. His life didn’t start as a faithful believer in You as he was taken in by the Egyptians without them knowing who he truly was. He came to faith and after a very long time because an obedient, trusting, and consistent follower of Yours. As stated here, no prophet has ever risen again like Moses; Moses was unparalleled for all the signs and wonders You did through him. The amazing things You were able to use Moses for just continues to astound me. Was it because of the timing of things that You wanted to happen or was it because of his faithfulness and obedience? Was it a mix of both or neither? I guess I’ll find out the full truth of all of this when I join You in Heaven, Father.


*DAILY NOTE: Deuteronomy has been an amazing journey for me, Father. The stories that Moses shared with us about the journey’s You had Your people going on and so many amazing things that happened along the way really spoke to me. Moses was such an amazing man for Your kingdom. He wasn’t a perfect man like Jesus was, but he was a great example of what a flawed person with a horrible history like myself could become if we just truly trust in and rely on You for all things in our life. Thank You for the last month or so of quiet times through Deuteronomy, Father. Thank You for today’s, which was a great culmination and testimony to just how amazing Moses was for Your kingdom and Your people. Thank You!



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