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Quiet Time in Habakkuk 3

Updated: Mar 16, 2022




SIN (verse 2): Far too often I think it was me that did things in this life. It isn’t until long after that I look back on events and only then do I realize there’s no way I could have done any of those things without You being involved. Please forgive me for this self-righteousness, Father. Forgive me for looking at my accomplishments and thinking they are mine alone. Help me to become humbler in those moments and realize that without Your involvement, that none of that would have been possible.


PROMISE (verse 19): The promise here is a rather common and well-known one, but still one that I often forget to embrace in my daily walk with You, Father. We are promised that You are our strength and that You enable us to walk on the highest of mountains. Help me to remember this promise every day, Father, so that I no longer rely solely on myself. Help me to lean on You for my strength, so that I can walk on the highest of mountains this life tries to put in my path.


ATTITUDE (verse 16b): This is an attitude I struggle with far too much in my life, Father. I struggle so much with silence and patience. Please help me be better at this, Father. Help me to know when I must sit and wait quietly versus jump and take action. Help me be better at righteous discernment in these moments so that I can live this life according to Your will and not my own.


COMMAND (verse 2): Although not necessarily a direct command from You, I do feel that this is still a command we’re to be following. Habakkuk says here that he stands in awe of Your deeds. As I admitted in the “sin” portion of this journal, I do often fail at this in the moment. Failing to recognize Your deeds and definitely failing to stand in “awe” of them. Please help me to be better at this, Father. Help me to be better at recognizing and discerning what is from You and by You so that I can praise You for it.


EXAMPLE (verse 16): I think the example Habakkuk gives us here is probably the best thing we can do most of the time. Through righteous discernment, he recognized that You are wanting him to wait patiently and quieting for Your actions to take place. Help me to live this example, Father. Help me to become better at righteous discernment so that I know when I need to sit quietly, like Habakkuk here, or get up and do something. Help me to be better at listening and understanding You, so that I can discern what I need to do in these moments.


*DAILY NOTE: Once again, I feel like you’re yelling at me about my impatience. I know I struggle with patience so much in this life and I know that You are the King of patience towards me because I have failed so much and made so many mistakes. Thank You for Your patience towards me, Father. Help me to be better at living in and embracing patience towards others in this life as You have done for me countless times, Father.



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