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Quiet Time in Hebrews 5

Updated: Mar 16, 2022




SIN (verses 11-12): Alright, God, I see You are coming directly at me this morning with the latter portion of this chapter. I appreciate this directness from You as I definitely need it most of the time. I know I have been riddled quite frequently with immaturity in my spiritual journey with You since coming to faith; often taking the lazy route instead of embracing all of Your teachings. Please forgive me for this, Father. I have gotten better lately, but I know I do still struggle with this at times and I humbly ask for Your forgiveness on this. Please help me to become far less lazy in my Spiritual journey with You, Father, so that I become better at not only embracing Your teachings, but also acting on those teachings You want me to take action on.


PROMISE (verses 9-10): The promise here is about Jesus. You promise us that He was perfected and became the source of our eternal salvation to all who obey Him. You promise us that He was made the highest of high priests in the order of Melchizedek. Although I’m not familiar with Melchizedek, I do get the gist that this is quite important to You as it is mentioned multiple times just in this short chapter. Thank You for this promise, Father. Without Jesus, I would definitely be lost, but because of Your promise of eternal salvation through Him I am saved!


ATTITUDE (verse 14): I have lacked at this attitude of discernment my entire spiritual life, Father. Help me to become better at having an attitude of Spiritual discernment to distinguish between good and evil more immediately instead of after the fact. Far too often I fall into traps of comfort, selfishness, and the “easy route” when making on-the-spot decisions in my life. This often leads me down the path of doing things that are not within Your will for my life. Help me to be better at making good decisions in the moment, Father, so that I do not fall into these traps again in the future.


COMMAND (verse 12): You are telling me here that I should be a teacher of Your glory at this point instead of still relying on others to teach me Your basic principles. This is very true. I came to faith about a decade ago as of this quiet time, yet I am still relying on others to teach me many of the basics of my faith. If I were in regular school and moving this slow, I would’ve already been held back multiple times and likely failed out of some grades. Please continue to push me, Father, so that I strive to become better in my faith. Help me to begin leaning on the basic principles I am already fully aware of so that I may teach others instead of constantly being the one that requires further teaching on the same things I already know.


EXAMPLE (verses 2-3, 7-8): Jesus gives us such an amazing example to live by, but You also give us a generalized example of how a high priest of God should behave. At the start of this Scripture, You show us that the priests should be able to deal gently with those who are rebellious against You, but also recognize that they too are weak in nature and require sin offerings for themselves as well. How humble does one have to be in order to recognize their own faults while also being the primary one that is supposed to be helping others with theirs? Constant prayer, appeals, tears, and cries to You are necessary to get through difficult times and sometimes even great times. Thanks to Jesus’ obedience through His sufferings, He showed us what perfect priesthood can look like. Thank You for such a powerful example of this, Father.


*DAILY NOTE: There’s a lot to think about in this scripture.I thank You so much for the lesson You’ve provide me today on the example Jesus provides, the conviction of my immaturity, living with spiritual discernment, and even more.I have struggled to live up to these as I’ve been quite immature in my spiritual journey.I know that I will be out of this “teenager” immaturity phase at some point, which I’m sure You probably would like to be far sooner than I’m allowing it to happen.Help me to be better at getting out of Your way, Father, so that Your works in me are not in vein.



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