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Quiet Time in Hebrews 6

Updated: Mar 16, 2022




SIN (verse 6): The latter half of verse 6 is a huge revelation for me because I never thought of it this way. Please forgive me, Father, for partaking in this heinous act of “recrucifying the Son of God” that I have done so many times in my life. If I am understanding this correctly, Jesus was crucified for all of our sins—past, present, and future. Every time we repent of a sin, the expectation is that we no longer perform that sin yet so often I have given into the trap of committing the same sin over and over again in my life, Father, even after an attempted repentance of my own. This is the “recrucifying” aspect because every time we repent and then later choose to commit the sin again even after You have forgiven us, we are essentially asking Jesus to be crucified for that sin again and again. Please forgive me for all the times that I have done this since coming to faith, Father. I know, just as well as You do, that not only am I recrucifying Jesus in my repetition, but I am also doing self-harm with my selfish acts of sin repetition. Please forgive me for likely doing this again in the future as well, Father, although I hope and pray that I will do my best to be better at truly repenting of the sins I commit so that I do not go into recrucifying the Son of God nearly as often as I have in my past.


PROMISE (verses 19-20): In these two verses, the best promise You have ever made us is repeated throughout Scripture and here. You promise us that Jesus has already entered behind the curtain into Your sanctuary as a forerunner on our behalf. Thank You so much for Jesus, because without Him I know I would be lost and suffer in eternal damnation. As a result of His amazing sacrifice and the awesome promise You make here, Father, I know I am saved into Your kingdom in Heaven! Thank You!


ATTITUDE (verse 12): I know I have been suffering with this poor attitude for most of my faith walk with You, Father, and I am truly sorry for that. You do not want us to become lazy, so please help me to no longer have an attitude of laziness. Help me to have an attitude of action so that I may take on Your will for my life in all things through my “faith and perseverance” in this life, so that I may inherit all the promises You have blessed me with in the next.


COMMAND (verses 11-12): In these two verses, You are telling us that You want us to demonstrate the same diligence at the start of our faith journey all the way to the finish line when we reach the realization of our hope in You. You command us to not be lazy, but to be imitators of those who have inherited Your promises through their faith and perseverance. Help me to be better at this, Father. First and foremost, help me to have better discernment of who I need to imitate in this life. Secondly, help me to be better at actually living out that faith and perseverance so that I can glorify You in this life, Father.


EXAMPLE (verse 10): The example You give us here of Your love and affection for us just amazes me. Throughout all of the trials and tribulations we’ve put You through, You still show us mercy and grace. You still show us that You are just in Your ways and will never forget the things we’ve done in Your name and the love we’ve shown You throughout our lives. Thank You so much for this caring and unforgetting nature of Yours, Father.


*DAILY NOTE: My sin confession journal entry was quite a lengthy one today. Not because I just felt like writing a lot, but because Your conversation with me was such a deep and emotional revelation that the words just flowed out of me. Thank You for speaking to me about “recrucifying Jesus” in the way You did. I know that Your grace is sufficient, but at the same time I can’t even imagine how painful Jesus’ crucifixion was, yet due to my own selfish way of living I continue to put Him through all of that due to my own sinful nature and desires. Thank You for the love and affection You’ve always shown towards me, Father, even though I have not shown even remotely close to as much love and affection towards Your Son, Jesus, due to my sinful way of living.



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