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Quiet Time in Jeremiah 40

Updated: Mar 16, 2022




SIN (verse 9): In this verse, Your people were told not to be afraid to serve the Chaldeans after the war was essentially over and they had lost. They were promised that if they served that it would bode well for them. Although I do often feel convicted to serve others, I do fail to act on this conviction quite often. Please forgive me for my inaction, Father. Forgive me for not serving others consistently as You want me to do. Help me to remember in those moments that Your will is greater than my own and that I should follow the convictions You place on my heart.


PROMISE (verse 9): Again in this verse, You also make a promise to us. You promise us that living with an attitude of serving others will go well for us and that we should not be afraid to do so. Even though I lack the consistency in my servant attitude, I have been witness to the blessings You’ve granted me through the times I have served others. Thank You for this promise, Father. Thank You for always showing us examples of how Your way is better than our own.


ATTITUDE (verse 9): I feel like this one verse is speaking loudly to me today, Father. This verse, just like my sin confession, tells me that I should have a servant attitude in this life. Although I do fail at times to act on the conviction to serve others, You always show me in the times that I do press forward that it is a better way to live. Help me to live with an attitude of consistency in serving others, Father. Help me to adjust my selfishness and fear in those moments, so that I do Your will in serving others instead of adhering to my flesh or the worldly way of doing things.


COMMAND (verse 9): At the start of this, You command us to not be afraid to serve. I am often reluctant in serving others out of fear of how it will be received or what others may think of me in those moments. Instead, I should be focusing on the conviction You have placed on my heart to serve others. Help me to live this life without fear of serving others, Father. Help me to remember that serving others is what You want me to do, even if in the moment I cannot see why.


EXAMPLE (verses 2-4): Throughout the siege and foretelling of the destruction of King Zedekiah’s kingdom, Jeremiah stayed faithful to You, Father. As a result of his faithfulness, he was set free by those who defeated Judah and told he could do what he wanted to do, but also given the option to stay with one of their officials to be taken care of for life. Jeremiah was blessed by You, Father, for remaining faithful throughout all of these trials even when death was a possibility many times. No matter what the message was that You wanted him to relay, he was a faithful messenger for You. Help me to live more faithfully in this life like Jeremiah, Father. Help me to remember that Your will is always greater than my own and that I must remain faithful to Your will.


*DAILY NOTE: I cannot see the big picture that You are painting for my life. I can only see the individual brush strokes and oftentimes they do not make sense to me in the moment. Only after much time has passed can I begin to recognize portions of Your amazing portrait of my life. Thank You for being the master designer of my life, Father. Forgive me for not always following Your will for my life, even though I know deep down it is the better way. I often give into the flesh, the world, and the enemy because it seems like the easier, more fulfilling thing to do in the moment. Once I look back at what I did, I see that I was wrong and You were right every single time. I need to be better at following Your design for my life and not my own. Thank You for always remaining faithful in Your plan for me, Father, even though I have altered my own path many times.



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