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Quiet Time in Jeremiah 46

Updated: Mar 16, 2022




SIN (verse 27): In this verse, You tell Your people not to be discouraged and not to be afraid, because You are our Savior. I often struggle with being stuck in discouragement as well as earthly fear, Father. Please forgive me for this. Remind me to lean on You even more in those moments that I feel discouraged or afraid. Remind me that through You, I am saved, protected, and restored. Forgive me for often having doubts in Your will for my life. Forgive me for often absorbing the pain and frustrations of this world as my own instead of realizing in those moments that You have defeated this world and that all things work according to Your will. Remind me that although You have given us the free will to make our own choices in this life, that coming to You through all things I am blessed.


PROMISE (verse 28b): At the end of this verse, You make us a promise that I often neglect to embrace. As a parent myself I should know better than to forget about this promise, but You are always faithful to Your promises and always know what is best for us. The promise You make here is one of disciplining us with justice. You promise us that destruction will not come upon us, but that we will definitely not go unpunished for our transgressions. Thank You so much for loving us so much that You will not forego discipline in our lives. This discipline is not meant to harm or destroy us, but to correct our actions in those moments, just as I do with my children. Thank You, Father, for always knowing what’s best for me.


ATTITUDE (verse 27): This verse is speaking loudly to me today, Father, so I’m assuming that means You really want me to focus on this for a change in my life. Help me to no longer possess an attitude of earthly fear and discouragement. Remind me in those moments that I do default to fear or discouragement that You are with me, so there is nothing to worry about. Remind me in those moments that if I lean on You through them, that they will pass in Your timing and not my own. I would love for this life to be a breeze with no worries or difficulties, but I understand that You are molding me and preparing me for things that I do not understand right now. Thank You for always showing me that Your ways are better than my own and that Your will for my life is better than what I sometimes would like my life to look like.


COMMAND (verse 27): I guess You’re going to have me focus on just these last two verses today, Father. In this verse, I also see a command of Yours that directly relates to my sin confession and attitude change. The command You are giving us is in the middle of any turmoil or negativity this life may bring in our paths, to never be afraid or discouraged because You are always with us through everything. Help me to embrace this command fully, Father, so that I no longer live in fear of the things that may occur in this life. Help me to remember that You are always there ready to comfort me through all things this life has in store for me, and I just need to reach out to You.


EXAMPLE (verse 28): In the final verse of this chapter, You give such a perfect example of the type of loving Father You are to Your children. You love us so much that You will not forego just discipline on us. Just as I love my children and choose to discipline them when they make mistakes, You do this far better than I do because Your discipline is always a just one that we need in that moment to correct our actions. You show us the perfect example of discipline through love and fatherhood, and I am grateful for the correction You have given in my life, even though I have struggled quite often with correcting my ways and aligning my will with Your will for my life.


*DAILY NOTE: What can I truly say about today’s quiet time with You, Father, except for wow! You showed me how a chapter with 5 verses can speak powerfully to me yesterday. Then today You have shown me how just two verses can speak just as loudly to me if I’m willing to get out of Your way to truly listen and embrace the lessons You are trying to teach me in this relationship. Thank You for showing me the way, Father. Thank You for being the perfect Father, Counselor, and Instructor in my life now that I am more open and willing to accept and listen to Your teachings. Thank You for sticking with me through all my stubbornness since coming to faith and not giving up on me, Father.



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