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Quiet Time in Jeremiah 50

Updated: Mar 16, 2022




SIN (verses 31-32): Father, I have lived a life full of arrogance. I know this is not how You expect me to live this life and I am sorry for that; please forgive me for my arrogance. Help me to remember that arrogance is a sin and that I must not dwell in that negative emotion. Remind me that Your way is always better than my own and that I should not pursue my own selfish desires out of arrogance. Continue to work in me, Father, so that I may be healed from this arrogant nature of mine.


PROMISE (verse 20): The promise You make us in this one verse is absolutely amazing and I can see it as possibly a prophecy to the coming of Jesus. You promise us that others will search for our guilt and sins, but they will not be found because You have forgiven us. You have taken away our guilt and sins and placed them on your shoulders as a burden instead of our own. Thank You so much for this, Father, because I cannot fathom living this life any longer trying to carry my burdens by myself. Thank You for being my strength and my rock so that I do not have to live this life in guilt due to my sinful nature as long as I continue to bring those to Your table.


ATTITUDE (verse 31): I do struggle with the attitude of arrogance, Father, as I stated in my sin confession. Help me to change this attitude to a humble and accepting one. Remind me that I need to embrace a humble attitude, but also that I need to be accepting of Your will for my life instead of arrogant in thinking I can pave my own path. I have proven in this life that when I get stuck in my arrogance, trying to pave my own way, that I produce horrible fruits and stumble frequently. Help me to get out of my own way so that I do not block You or stray from You anymore, Father. If I do falter, please remind me that You are there so that I return to Your path quickly.


COMMAND (verse 21b): This command may seem circular and quite obvious, but sometimes I need that. The very last part of this verse states “do everything I have commanded You.” Please help me to stop picking and choosing what I feel like following of Your commands in the moment, Father. Help me to be more a more consistent and reliable follower of Your commands, so that I may glorify You in ALL that I do in this life. Help me to live my life in Your will based on Your commands instead of my own selfish desires, the world’s way, or falling to the enemy’s lies.


EXAMPLE (verse 43): You show us an example here of how all great kingdoms on this earth will never hold supreme power forever like Your Kingdom. Even a mighty power like Babylon, who had MANY conquests at the time, would fall to another kingdom eventually. This example shows us that we should never put our focus and stake solely on the kingdoms of this earth, because they are temporary just like this life. The only Kingdom worth devoted all of who we are to is Your Kingdom in Heaven. I look forward to Your return to this earth when You will reign supreme over all the brokenness and give us true restoration forever. Thank You, Father, for the perfect Kingdom.


*DAILY NOTE: This was a lengthy chapter that has so much to learn from. Thank You for speaking to me, Father, in today’s quiet time. Thank You for showing me so many examples in this Scripture so that I can learn from You, the perfect Instructor. Thank You for not only the sacrifices You’ve made for us and with us, but also for the glory and restoration You’ve shined through those sacrifices. Although I may not be able to see the glory and restoration in the heat of the moments, I do often see it after the fact and am so grateful that Your will for my life is ALWAYS better than my own. Thank You for the great counsel and instruction You consistently provide to me, Father.



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