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Quiet Time in Jeremiah 52

Updated: Mar 16, 2022




SIN (verse 2): Ever since coming to faith, I have done many things in my life that are considered “evil in the Lord’s sight.” Please forgive me for this, Father. I have been very immature in my Spiritual journey since coming to faith, often rebelling against You out of selfishness. Help me to become a better follower, so that I no longer live in this evil and selfish manner, Father. Help me to slowly but surely become more like Jesus as I progress and become more mature in my Spiritual journey.


PROMISE (verse 3): In this verse, You basically stood by Your promise to Your people here. You assured them that You would banish them from Your presence if they stuck by their evil ways. They never swayed from their evil ways, so through Your righteous anger You stood by Your promise and banished them from Your presence. You brought destruction on them due to their rebellious nature. Essentially, You allowed them to choose the path they went down and they chose the more selfish and self-righteous path, which naturally angered You. Thank You for standing by Your promises, Father, even though sometimes that means the results are painful for us.


ATTITUDE (verse 3): I have often lived in a rebellious attitude most of my life, but especially since coming to faith. Many times throughout my Spiritual journey with You, I have known the way You wanted me to live, but rebelled against Your will for my life. Instead, I chose to go my own way, the world’s way, or even sometimes the enemy’s way for my life. Forgive me for this rebellious nature and attitude, Father. Help me to be better at following Your will and Your way for my life instead of my own. Help me to be better at abiding in Your commands throughout this Spiritual journey You have me on in this life, Father.


COMMAND (verses 28-30): You commanded the armies of Babylon to bring destruction onto Jerusalem as a punishment for its evil ways. Whether they knew it or not, they successfully followed Your command fully to the point that all of Jerusalem was defeated, many died, but You chose to save 4,600 people via deportation. Although You commanded destruction, You also showed some grace and restraint here by allowing several thousand people to be saved via deportation to Babylon. You followed through with Your promise, sent a command, and ensured that command was followed while still showing some grace to some of Your people. Thank You so much for always knowing and doing what’s best for us, Father.


EXAMPLE (verses 31-34): In these last few verses of Jeremiah 52, You show us an example of grace. Jehoiachin, King of Judah, was imprisoned initially due to the evil ways of him and his people. Although he was imprisoned justly and rightfully, You showed grace by allowing the King of Babylon at the time to sort of free Jehoiachin from the destructive imprisonment and bring him into the king’s court to serve as a trusted and gifted person in the King of Babylon’s court. He was able to live out the rest of his days with favor from the King of Babylon as a result of Your grace. Thank You for this example, Father, to show us that even through the well-deserved discipline and punishment You inflict on us You oftentimes show Your grace and mercy towards us.


*DAILY NOTE: This was the final chapter in Jeremiah. It was quite an amazing book to read. All of the historical information, the promises, commands, and amazing examples of who You are to us were plentiful. Thank You for bringing the book of Jeremiah to my table, Father, to teach me some great lessons along the way. Thank You for all that You are working in me through Your Scripture, prayer, and my fellow brothers in Christ that You have brought into my life recently. I am blessed because You have made me so and I am so very grateful for that.



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