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Quiet Time in Joshua 16


*DAILY NOTE: Today’s scripture was pretty much entirely inheritance-based discussions and property lines and such. I feel it in my heart to simply journal my thoughts as a whole today instead of journaling based on the scripture. These last few days I was getting a bit anxious about finances since the military holds the last paycheck and I don’t get my first paycheck with my new job for a couple of weeks. Last night I decided to pray rather intently to You about receiving our final pay from the military sooner than the normal 10-14 day minimum, preferably this week before all of my family and friends come to town for my retirement celebration. You delivered, Father! You gave us the final military pay not just this week, but the day after I prayed and, coincidentally, the day after it would have normally paid out had I still been Active Duty. I am just amazed that You enabled me to get paid only 1 day later than normal considering the typical minimum is 10-14 days after retirement.

Please forgive me for my anxiety, Father. Forgive me for not fully trusting You are in control and will always supply our needs. Forgive me for not truly relying on You throughout all of life’s predicaments. Forgive me for always trying to be in control even with things that I know I am nowhere near even able to be in control of, Father. You always remind me that You got me covered yet for some reason I still slip up every so often and get anxious about things. Thank You for always providing for my family’s needs, Father. Thank You for always looking out for us, even when I go and screw things up every so often. Thank You for not taking it personal that I sometimes screw up in trusting You, being obedient to You, being faithful to You, and so on. Your grace is not only sufficient, but it’s also never ceasing and I’m so grateful for that because I really need that never-ending cup of grace at times, Father.

Today, I’m reminded that with prayer and petition all things are possible because You are almighty and in control of everything. The thing I must be reminded of is that this only applies to things that are within Your will for my life. If you do not want me to get or experience something that I’m praying for then it won’t come from You. That doesn’t mean I won’t get it, because the enemy does often play very dirty games with us. The outcome of things received from the enemy, however, is vastly different from the outcome received from You. I am grateful for my needs being met and all of the blessings You’ve given to me and my family. Thank You, Father!

Yesterday was my first day into my military retirement. I felt a bit emotional with it all, but I also felt Your presence there with me. As my family and I move forward into this next chapter in our lives, no longer being in the military, please help us, Father. Help us to not succumb to the world, because the military was a way of life that matured us greatly but also gave us experiences we never would have had if we had lived a worldly lifestyle. Help us to continue to live our lives in a manner that honors You, Father. I do make mistakes here-and-there which would not be viewed as honoring to You, but as of late I have been quick to rectify those mistakes and get back on Your path for my life.

Thank You for this relationship with You and my other Godly brothers. Thank You for putting them in my life to help sharpen this extremely dull iron blade of a man, Father. Through all of my hard times, I know You are always there for me, but it does help to know that there are other men in the flesh out there that I can lean on for wisdom, understanding, guidance, comfort, and sometimes even conviction. The relationships I’ve been building with these men has been amazing and I see nothing, but You showered throughout the entire ministry, Father. The Real Men 300 has truly been a Godsend in my life as well as a lifesaver which I will forever be grateful for. Continue to guide me, mentor me, sharpen me, and grow me into the man You want me to be, Father, so that as I grow older in age I will also continue to grow more mature in my faith in ways that are fully honoring to You.



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