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Quiet Time in Joshua 17


SIN (verse 16): Doubt and worry have plagued me for quite some time. Doubt in my own abilities to accomplish things. Worry about the things that may or may not come or happen in the future. This verse reminds me that I should not live with doubt nor fear as the descendants of Joseph seem to have done in this moment. They were expecting a slightly larger inheritance due to the vast amount of people in their tribe. Joshua told them to clear the hill country, but they were in doubt that they could do it because they were worried about the Canaanites that were there and felt they were too strong to be driven out by just Joseph’s tribe. Joshua reassured them the Lord was with them and that they were plenty strong to take on the task ahead of them to claim their inheritance. Please forgive me for my frequent doubt and worry, Father. Thank You for this reminder today, however, that I need not doubt nor worry because You are always with me.

PROMISE (verses 17-18): In this, Joshua made a promise to Joseph’s tribe that they would have the greater inheritance they were expecting, they just had to put forth a little effort to get it. I’m reminded that the promises You make to us typically require us to take some action steps to get to fulfillment of the promise. Sometimes, I like to just think that things will be provided and I do not have to do anything to make it happen. Here, You remind me that although You do make great promises and fulfil those great promises in time, that they typically require us to at least take that first step towards the goal. Thank You, Father, for yet another reminder today.

ATTITUDE (verse 16): Going back to this verse, which was my sin confession focus, I am reminded today about doubt and worry. I should not be embracing and living in these attitudes of my life because You have proven to me so many times that there’s no need for them as You are always with me. If I am secure in my steps by aligning them to Your will for my life then everything will always work out as You want it to work out. Why should I be even remotely concerned or worried about anything in this life, let alone embrace doubt about the future? Only You know what the future entails, so I ask You today to help me, Father. Help me to no longer succumb to doubt or worry as I have many times in my life. Help me to truly give into my relationship with You, so that I may release childish and fleshly attitudes such as doubt and worry.

COMMAND (verse 18): Oddly enough, I see this final verse as a command. I’m not sure why it spoke to me like this, but I guess it’s the Holy Spirit speaking to me. Joshua tells Joseph’s tribe that they can drive out the Canaanites even though they have iron chariots and are strong. He is giving them a command to trust in the Lord and to not fear any opponent if it is the Lord’s will for them to have victory. If the Lord says it will be so, then the command is to give full obedience and trust to the Lord by following through with His command without fear.

EXAMPLE (verse 18): I also see this final verse as a great example of conquering our “demons” in a sense. Joshua’s tribe is struggling with the fact that the Canaanites occupy their inheritance. They’re giving into fear because they see on the outside what appears to be a great force to reckon with and they are living in doubt in their abilities to attain victory over them. They want to take hold of their inheritance, but their fearful nature is causing them to step back a bit to determine if what they want is truly viable for them to attain. This shows me that they were struggling in their trust in the Lord in this moment. They were allowing their flesh and the enemy to produce doubt inside of them out of fear that they would not be able to conquer their demons (the Canaanites). I do struggle with conquering my demons as well, Father. Maybe not all of the time, but often enough for me to recognize it and admit it to You. Help me to be better with this, Father, so that I do not give into my flesh and instead give into a fully trusting mindset and heart towards You.

*DAILY NOTE: When I first starting reading today’s scripture, I was a bit concerned that I wasn’t going to get much out of it as the vast majority of today’s scripture talks about inheritance property lines, lineage, and such. Then I got to verses 16-18 and everything started opening up! I began to realize that I just needed to be patient and trust in You, because You always provide just as You provided an amazing scripture today for me to reflect on. After initially thinking I wasn’t going to get much, here I am over a page later in my journal still writing! Thank You for always knowing how and when to speak to me, Father. Thank You also for teaching me to be more patient and to trust in You always. These are lessons I truly needed right now as I go through this military retirement transition, but I am grateful and hopeful for being where I’m at in this life. Thank You for all that You have done, are doing, and will continue to do in my life, Father.



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