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Quiet Time in Joshua 2




SIN (verses 3-5): I’m not really sure if this is a sin confession or if I’m just doubting myself in a similar situation, but I felt these verses speaking rather directly to me. If I was in Rahab’s shoes and hid two of Your followers (enemies of my country) in my home, would I tell the King’s guards that they were not there? Would I try my best to conceal them and cover for them? This would be an extremely terrifying moment for me, as I’m sure it was for Rahab. She literally faced death by lying to the King’s guard and hiding from them the two people Joshua sent. Would I have been bold enough in that moment to do the same as Rahab? I can honestly say I do not know for certain either way and I am sorry for that, Father. I don’t know if my fear would overcome me or if I would lean on You through it for strength and courage as this would be an extremely difficult situation. I think of the German citizens who hid Jewish people in their homes during the Hitler era and the fear they went through during that time knowing that they would be put to death on the spot if they were discovered. I pray I never get put into this type of situation, but if I do, I pray that I get clear guidance from You on it, Father, so that there is no doubt in my mind that I am doing exactly what You want me to do.


PROMISE (verse 11): Although this is a statement by Rahab, I also see it as a promise from You through her. Many of the people in the land You promised to Your people heard about all the power and greatness of You overcoming other lands and helping Your people escape Egypt. Rahab says they lost heart and everyone’s courage failed because of hearing those stories. Then she goes on to say that You are the God of both heaven above and on earth below. This is quite the distinction from other gods in her time because many gods which were worshipped then were solely in their spiritual realm and never really interfaced with the earth, nor really had any true power on the earth. This statement by her reveals a great promise from You, that You are the one true God of everything, not just heaven. You are the God of heaven, earth, and everything else that we know of and do not know of, yet.


ATTITUDE (verse 14): The men Joshua sent used some words towards Rahab as a result of her help that I do struggle with, Father. They said that they will show her and her family kindness and faithfulness as she has shown them the same. Kindness and faithfulness…those are definitely struggles of mine, but more so kindness than faithfulness. I often get very easily aggravated and irritated, and I can’t control myself in the moment when that happens. Instead of going to You in those moments, I just let the aggravation and irritation control me which obviously does not end very well. Help me with kindness towards others and faithfulness towards You, Father. Help me to truly embrace these in my heart so that when I do begin to feel aggravated or irritated, it is You that I automatically go to for control, strength, peace, and calming, Father.


COMMAND (verse 11): I found it profound that Rahab told Joshua’s men that the people in the city, including her, had lost heart and their courage was failing. You had told Your people throughout all of this, ever since getting them out of Egypt, that they must have strength and courage knowing that You are always with them. Yet, simply from hearing some stories about the things You had done, not even being witnesses to them, the people in this town had already begun to lose all of that. Their belief in Your power grows great while at the same time their internal battle and struggle is overtaking their will to live through the loss of heart and courage. The command I see in this verse is the same one that You’ve been telling Your people for many, many decades at this point in scripture—have strength and courage because the Lord is always with me. Help me to properly embrace this command, Father, so that I do not falter as the people of Jericho were in this scripture.


EXAMPLE (verses 9-11, 24): It’s quite amazing what just hearing about Your miracles and power can do to influence people. The people in Jericho were not direct witnesses to anything as far as I’m aware. They simply heard stories passed along likely from travelers, family, friends, etc. about the great things Your people were accomplishing through You and with You. They heard the stories of how powerful and amazing You are both in heaven and on earth. They were trembling with fear and losing the will to live as a result of just these stories. How amazing is that! That You can bring fear to those who are against us just by stories about You and nothing else? I can only imagine the depth of fear in those who were actual witnesses to some of this, such as the parting of the sea. I can’t even fathom being a direct witness to something that amazing, powerful, and unexplainable.


*DAILY NOTE: Today’s quiet time with You was an interesting conversation. I actually forgot that Rahab was introduced at this point in the timeline. I find it very interesting how You are able to use just about anyone who is willing, no matter their status in life or society. Thank You for the great examples today, Father, but also thank You for showing just how powerful You are while at the same time how gentle and compassionate. Thank You for a great conversation in Joshua 2 and for showing me that I do know more about Your story in the Bible than I thought I knew, Father. It’s nice to have that type of revelation every now and then.



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