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Quiet Time in Joshua 21


SIN (Conviction): I am still struggling with getting back into my flow of daily quiet times, Father. I had Your word open and my journal ready to go yesterday, but then the kids started fighting and I got distracted. By the time I remembered that I had forgotten to do my quiet time yesterday, it was almost midnight and I had to get to bed. I am sorry for my disobedience and inconsistency all of a sudden, Father. Please forgive me for this last week or so, Father. Help me to be better and become consistent again with my quiet times, Father. I do better each and every day that I spend some time with You and I do not want to go back to my old ways.

PROMISE (verses 43-45): In these last few verses of this chapter, You bring to fulfillment exactly what You had promised many years prior. You state that NONE of the good promises the Lord mad to the house of Israel had failed and that EVERYTHING was fulfilled! How amazing is it to see this amazing testimony and journey come to fruition with every single one of the promises You made Your people fulfilled?! Thank You, Father, for such a great testimony of Your amazing promises and how You always fulfil Your promises.

ATTITUDE (Conviction): Today, Father, I ask You to help me with my attitude of contentment. I find myself wanting more and more as things go great for my family and I instead of being content with where we’re at. I do know that I need to continue to grow in my faith, but I also know that I need to be content with where You have me at any given time. Help me to fully embrace an attitude of contentment, Father, so that I may truly reap all the rewards, blessings, and fruits You have given me without always trying to see/find the next thing.

COMMAND (verses 1-3): The Levites, per Your command, were made a promise of a specific inheritance. This inheritance was not given to them, yet, until this part of the scripture. They approached the spiritual leaders and Joshua to discuss. According to Your command, the spiritual leaders and Joshua were faithful to give the Levites what You had promised them and commanded them to have. I am grateful for this testimony in seeing that Your people, even at the very end of this journey, are still staying faithful to Your commands (even those given decades prior). They may not be perfect, as none of us are aside for Jesus, but they are trying their best to be faithful and obedient to You through their actions.

EXAMPLE (verses 1-3): I find these verses to be rather interesting. The Levites clearly remembered the promise to their people for an inheritance, even though decades had passed. They didn’t argue, fuss, or get disgruntled that they were towards the end of the line for the promise to them being fulfilled. Instead, they simply reminded the spiritual leaders and Joshua of Your truth and then they put it on their plates to determine the appropriate way ahead. If I keep my discussions in line with Your truths, then peaceful resolutions such as this one can easily be done even in the most stressful of situations. That is, assuming the other party is a follower of Christ as well, of course. Thank You for this lesson, Father. Help me to keep the focus of my words on Your truth and not my own opinions, Father, so that as I speak I speak what You want me to speak and not what my flesh, the world, or the enemy would like me to speak.

*DAILY NOTE: It feels so good getting back into my quiet times today. I really did miss this time with You, Father. I have allowed distractions, stress, and such to keep me away from something I’m so passionate about. I pray and hope that today is the start of me getting back into my quiet time consistency, Father. Please continue to push me daily into my quiet times. Continue to remind me of the amazing joy, revelation, peace, and calm I gain from doing my quiet times daily. Help me to continue to work daily to become a better man for You, Father.



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